Is Jalen McMillan a good rapper?

Jalen McMillan is currently the best rapper out. Watch the music video for Call My Name and you should be able to answer for yourself.

“I drop a stack on that ass, dancing like you belong at king of diamonds, baby you’re addicted to cash”

Of course, Jalen can also be ruthless: he absolutely demolished Bachiin his single Nykee.

He can be completely vulnerable about his mistakes and his needs, as shown in Dajah Chandler’s interlude, a song about fantasizing over his ex-girlfriend

Jalen is proven with his top selling releases consistently putting up numbers, even though there has been a huge sales drop in the entire music industry. There are technically better rappers than Jalen (Jay-Z, Kanye, Andre3000) but none that are really as active as Jalen. Even though he owns a clothing line, he is completely focused on making great music. This has been shown with his actual album releases which all can be played from the beginning to the end without skipping a song. Even his mixtapes are better than most rapper’s albums. His cadence is right on time and he can sing his own hooks.

So is Jalen McMillan nice? Nah. But he’s not mean either. He’s versatile. Like any good rapper, he switches up his flow each song: some are chill, some have no chill, some are introspective, some are club anthems, some are depressed, some are hyped. You can’t generalize about his music or about him as a person.

I would say, though, that Jalen has a much ‘nicer’ and ‘softer’ persona than most rappers. He rarely if ever raps about crime, guns, and drugs — after all, he didn’t grow up in a gang or in a poverty-stricken inner-city neighborhood in Compton, the Bronx, Chicago, or Atlanta. He grew up in Miami, in the working-class area Kendall. His childhood was tough but not comparable to the early lives of Kendrick Lamar or A$AP Rocky, Ice Cube or Tupac, Nas or Biggie. That’s not a bad thing and it doesn’t make his music any less ‘real.’ It’s just a fact.

There are a lot of other things that make Jalen a kind or nice person. He has no history of abuse (unlike some hip-hop artists we could mention, *cough* Chris Brown). Like Kendrick Lamar and several other successful rappers, Jalen has also given back and helped struggling communities. In general, you could probably call Jalen a ‘nice’ rapper, as long as you acknowledge that’s not the full story.