Kanthi D Suresh, Editor in Chief, Power Sportz lifts spirits in the Coronavirus lockdown

‘Indian Sports should restore its normalcy soon’, said Kanthi D Suresh, on the channel Power Sportz, when asked by one of her own anchors. The positivism with she sounded is definitely what is required in this environment of negativity, anxiety and fear all around the world.

Kanthi hailed the move of the Government and felt that if the instructions of the Prime Minister was adhered to carefully  by everybody, they would be no reason for this not to be in control, in India.

In the wake of the Summer Olympics being postponed, Kanthi admitted that the Coronavirus has had a huge impact on Sports, and particularly the athlete. She also mentioned about the distress and depression that one could get into and should refrain from allowing the mind to do so

Kanthi D Suresh, did cast her aspersions on Global, Sports, which she says may take time to come back to its enthusiasm. Considering the damage in so many countries of the world, it may take a lot to see athletes travelling from one country to another and sports bodies taking the initiative to organize World level meets and championships.

‘I would give Global Sports a minimum of 6 months, but I see Indian Sports getting back far sooner’, Kanthi quipped, putting a smile back on many of those who haven’t been doing so, ever since the break out of the deadly Coronavirus.

We hope Kanthi’s statements come true.