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Managing Stress And Anxiety As A Business Owner; Life Tips From Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Amir Hashemloo



Starting your own business might be one of your top goals in life, and it is a very laudable one to have. Entrepreneurship can bring financial freedom, and give you the opportunity to live on your own terms and spend more time on the things you love. However, there will also be some sacrifices and compromises that must be made, for you to succeed; working 80-hour weeks, facing failure and defeat, and trying again every time you fall.


Dr. Amir Hashemloo can definitely be considered an expert in the aspect of succeeding as a business owner. He is a successful cosmetic doctor born and raised in Tehran, Iran. He is best known for his custom method for correcting the eye and eyebrow frame.


In this article, Amir shares his unique approach to stress management and controlling anxiety while juggling business and life.


Stay Positive


Any success, whether in life or business, always begins from the mind. As a business owner, you must first begin by addressing your own mindset and making sure that you approach everything with a positive outlook.


“People with a positive outlook approach life challenges and the rough situations they go through with confidence and are sure they can deal with them,” Amir asserts.


Practicing Consistency


Rome was not built in a day, and in the same way, success does not happen overnight. Getting to the peak of your career and achieving happiness, wealth, and wellbeing take years of hard work and dedication. The journey involves working through one step after the other step to arrive at the next one, and counting your small wins along the way.


“My first and most important advice for someone striving to achieve success is being consistent, keep going on no matter how big difficulties and barriers are because no obstacles can halt your success”.  



Focus on the big picture


To achieve the impossible, you must be able to first conceive it, then fight for it. Throughout the history of the world, the most important things to mankind have only been achieved by people who persisted and refused to give up on their ideas until they finally reached success. 


“Believe in your ideas and closely pursue your dreams. Whatever you do, always look at the bigger picture. The only way to succeed is to learn how to balance life. You will fail a few times, so get rid of your fear of failure and develop  an unwavering resolution to succeed.”


Set Realistic Goals


While you might have the determination to pursue your goals long-term, it is just as easy for you to get frustrated and intimidated by the size of your goals. It might even begin to appear as if you will never reach the finish line, and you will be tempted to give up.


To avoid this scenario from stressing you out, you must break your goals down into manageable units. Look at your long term goals, and reverse engineer them into the smaller victories you can achieve on a short-term basis; like yearly, monthly, or even weekly goals.

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Great Artists of The Virtual Platform: Rajat Singla and Megha Singla



There is always a down fall in everyone’s life. Life is the name of ups and downs. The ups and downs of life are nothing more than a shadow, they fade away gradually. They are like designs made in the sand, only one wave is enough to vanish them. We all know that the happiness and the sorrow are temporary in life, but then also, the sorrow affect the life and the mind. The particular time period affects the person’s mind. There are even many day-to-day works, which can create difficulties in one’s life and one can get affected through that stress. The stress of life can affect physically as well as mentally. One should try different ways to ease the stress of life as the stress adversely affect the person physically and mentally.

Music can ease this stress of life. The music can heal even the physical disability of any person. The person can be healed by making him listen to the music, which touches his soul. There are a lot of cases, in which, the person is healed through the music therapy. The music includes playing any instruments of music or singing in a proper way. The music includes rapping too. There are a lot of singers, who touch the hearts of people by their voice. One such singer is Rajat Singla. He has touched the hearts of people by singing in his magical voice. His songs are available on the virtual platforms of music like, Spotify, Apple Music and Jio Saavan. These virtual platforms are very well-known among people. The list of songs by Rajat Singla includes ‘Na Dil Manda’, ‘Kudi Nakhre Wali’ and ‘Dil’. These songs are getting more and more likes on the virtual platforms stated above. His wife Megha Singla also sings beautifully and getting fame as well.

One more way to ease the stress is to read inspirational books. Rajat Singla has contributed to the field of books too. He has written a book on his own life. The name of the book is ‘My Life, My Success Mantras’. the book has insights in the life of author himself. The book is written in the words of Rajat Singla. The book is written to direct the businessmen and give them success mantras for success in the field of business. The book has shown the starting life of Rajat Singla and his career. Readers can get knowledge about the success in life.

The importance of virtual platform is arising with the increase in the use of mobile phones. There are lot of virtual platforms available for each kind of art and business. The artists like Rajat Singla have won the hearts of many people by using these platforms. He has used the virtual platform for make his songs available to people, as we have stated above. He has used the virtual platform of Amazon Kindle for publishing his book ‘My Life, My Success Mantras’. Readers can get the book and music by Rajat Singla on these virtual platforms. Truly, the artists like Rajat Singla are like asset of the nation.

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Valentina Beli is the face for Grande Cosmetics



Valentina Beli, NYC based fashion model did an amazing campaign shoot for Grande Cosmetics. This company was launched in 2008 by Alicia Grande with the very first product Lash enhancing serum. The serum was so successful that the company produces now many different products for the face and hair. Valentina was posing together with 2 different models for Grande eye cream. The purpose of the campaign was to show natural beauty. All photos are not retouched and they show the skin and age diversity.

Valentina is happy to be a part of this mindful campaign.

“Models don’t have any power to control their pictures and to control the postproduction. So that’s why it is priceless when you can be yourself on set” said the supermodel.

Valentina did multiple campaigns in Paris, Milan, China, New York.

“My photos have been exposed in big boards all around the world. I’m thrilled to see the printed results in Sephora and Ulta beauty shops”, said Valentina.

You can see last updates in Valentina’s Instagram @valentinabeli.

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Thousand trees planted in the Alleys of Fame in 15 cities of Russia by Ecoplant



It is enough just to drive away from the Russian capital, and youll find yourself in a fairy forest. This is the Ecoplant plant nursery, where 9670 plant species are grown. They are all adapted to the harsh climatic conditions of Russia.

How is it possible? Of course, the experience of the nursery plays a huge role as trees have been grown here for more than twenty years. During this time, the company specialists have gained extensive knowledge on how to adapt plants and help them survive, so all the seedlings come with a 3-year warranty.

Among the plants grown by Ecoplant, there are various types of thuja, coniferous and deciduous trees, shrubs, fruit plants, and exclusive garden species.

The Ecoplant team employs people with a professional expertise in their field: 15 agronomists-dendrologists, 30 teams of landscape gardeners, and 79 customer service managers who accompany the orders on all stages and pay attention to every detail. In addition, the nursery applies the most advanced plant care equipment.

During its operation, Ecoplant has repeatedly become the winner of prestigious awards in its field of activity. The company has won landscape design competitions, as well as competitions among nurseries for their ornamental crops. In addition, the company carried out a large-scale campaign called “Walk of Fame”, during which thousands of trees were planted in 15 cities of the Russian Federation.

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