Marly (Almir Leka) the Star Singer that Made Albania Proud


It’s impossible not to have encountered one of his hip hop freestypes while lurking through the Instagram’s search engine. His vibe and flow are so fresh, not like any rapper you have ever seen before. His name is Marly (Almir Leka) and he is a 23 year old singer from Albania, who lately has reached international fame with his newest hit: Sant x Marly – Casa De Papel, named after the TV series “Money Heist” (Casa De Papel). Having started his career at a very young age, Marly, also known by his real name as Almir Leka, was a very promising talent. At just the age of 15, he alongside his best friend Santi (iamsantiiii) formed what would later become the well known hip hop duo Sant & Marly. From then on their career would reach new heights as they’d sign new deals with Gmaj7 label, of which they’d eventually come out of, in order to start their own independent path. Marly has collaborated with various artists, both local and international, counting Santi, Devis Xherahu, Gent Myftaraj, Semydee and so on. Other famous songs released by Marly are: Sant & Marly – Ne Yo, Sant & Marly – D.M.P.L, Sant & Marly – Hola, Devis Xherahu ft Marly – Me Pelqen Ajo , Devis Xherahu ft Marly – Per Ty Mbarova. We have noticed from his instagram profile (@marly.artist) that potential spoilers about upcoming projects are being put. Apparently all the hard work is paying of as Marly declares to be practically “always on the road” with concerts and upcoming tours. Currently residing in Italy, he epxressed that he’d love to shoot a new videoclip in Italy, considering all the beautiful places there are.

INSTAGRAM LINK: https://www.instagram.com/marly.artist/

YOUTUBE LINK: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI_EncMYQ-2WCcxYyF0IovA

SPOTIFY LINK: https://artists.spotify.com/c/artist/4HT45eva7TKZ3dx4v4fBLp/home