Meet Fit Flash – A Beast in the field of Heavyweight Calisthenics

A Southern Californian fitness enthusiast Fit flash, who is currently the strongest calisthenics athlete of this young generation.

We are going to talk about one of the most emerging heavyweight calisthenics athletes of current time Fit Flash.

Fit flash started his training in his college days and has since then changed his life with calisthenics.

His love for fitness and Calisthenics has made him the strongest heavyweight calisthenics athlete of the current generation. At 109 Kg bodyweight and 197 cm height Fit Flash is referred to as one of the best calisthenics practitioners of the current generation.

He has a massive following on his Instagram, Now he is inspiring the young generation and teaching the discipline through his extensive training and workout videos He has already impacted more than 1000’s of lives to date through his mentorship.

Fit Flash has immense knowledge, understanding, and experience in training and conditioning the body. He is a specialist in strength and conditioning. He specializes in specific training forms including bodybuilding, Basketball, Football, MMA, and Boxing.

He is having immense knowledge of this field, he has mastered the field of calisthenics and now impacting and mentoring 1000’s of lives at a time.

But don’t ever limit yourself. Remember that guy who quit…

Neither does anybody else

Fit Flash is a source of inspiration for those who have all the excuses not to start in anything. Fit Flash becomes immensely popular by his dedication and hard work, there ain’t any shortcut he had followed to reach where he stands today.