Hero XPulse 200T will launch on 1st May

The adventure touring fragment in India has as of late turned into a significant space to be in. Each producer wants a bit of that pie. In view of this, Hero has divulged the 2019 XPulse 200T at EICMA a year ago. The most recent data everybody have with this product is it will be launched on the 1st of May which is next month.

The bike depends on the Hero Xtreme 200R. So the engine and numerous mechanical parts are the equivalent. The Hero XPulse 200T is progressively focused on off-roading and the 200 will be increasingly focused on touring. Along these lines, while engines are the equivalent, the bike will have various highlights that are unique.

“The adventure and touring motorcycle segments are very popular across the world and here we are showcasing Hero’s vision for these segments with the 2019 XPulse 200T based on our unique XPulse platform. We aim to further expand this platform and add more products to our portfolio by the second quarter of the next year. Concurrently, we have used the new XPulse 200T for a unique initiative of co-creating diverse concepts with customization specialists and showcased the engineering prowess of developing a versatile platform. This also provides us an opportunity to capture the growing trend of direct customer engagement while opening the door to a new line of businesses,” said Malo Le Masson, Head of Global Product Planning, Hero MotoCorp.

2019 Hero XPulse 200T Launch

The bike will be launched in 2019 alongside the Hero XPulse 200. The 2019 XPulse 200T will be situated as the tourer in this line-up. Hero has just got a fan base for the original Impulse and the bike has gotten a ton of credibility for being a staggering dirt bike. The Hero XPulse 200T will be another feather in the manufactures hat.

2019 Hero XPulse 200T Price

The assessed cost of the Hero Xpulse 200 is around Rs 1 lakh. Everybody can expect the Hero XPulse 200T to come in at a heavier tag price. The additional tag price will be for the additional capacity of the bike. The 2019 Hero XPulse 200T can get a cost of around Rs 1.40 lakhs.