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Vladislav Vodatinskij about how properly to use Instagram and Linkedin



Matt Goulartonce said: “Social Media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you.”

On Instagram, more and more users are bombarded with spam messages from salespeople, networkers and companies, observes Vladislav Vodatinskij in his article on Influencive, however, the owner and founder of the consulting agency ENGINEC warns against misusing the social network for business content. That’s why there is at least Linkedin. A Plea for the proper handling of both networks.

Reality of Spam Marketing

Successful marketing is characterized by being played out in the right context. And that’s a problem in social networks right now. Right now, some users are complaining about this on Instagram. You are bombarded with spam messages from salespeople, networkers and even companies. The messages begin with “Interesting profile”, “I saw that you also do fitness” or “I would like to introduce you to a concept with which you can turn your hobby into a profession” and are sent, received and deleted by the thousands every day . Because the expectations on Instagram are different.

Experiences of an Expert

The founder, entrepreneur and branding expert Vladislav Vodatinskij lives in Hannover and is owner of the consulting company ENGINEC and media agency VODATIN, which specializes in the personal branding of well-known entrepreneurial personalities and brands. He is also involved in various companies as ambassador and business consultant for project management. In addition to management consulting and social media, the topics of education and entrepreneurship are important to Vladislav Vodatinskij, for which he campaigns especially among managers and business people through his mentorship program. In two years he built an active community on social media with over 700,000 followers, is an author of over 10 business articles in international magazines listed in Google News and also with expertise and contribution for Forbes magazine. At the beginning of 2016 he received two times the “CO2ST award” from Rolls Royce Germany and the University of Hannover certified him as IPMA/GPM project manager in the same year.

Focus of Instagram

The app, which now has more than 1 billion users and 15 million of them come from Germany, is intended for quick inspiration and short communication. On average, users spend 32 minutes a day in the app, looking at both pictures and videos. Take a quick look at the most beautiful places in the world and get inspiration for your next vacation, take a quick look at what your girlfriend is up to in the city, what new car your colleague has bought and quickly laughed at the latest comedy clip that has just been uploaded.

What are we all doing here? We go into the app with the expectation to be entertained and informed. Many also use Instagram to get in touch with the opposite gender, when an attractive person is uploading a story in the café next door. What we do not expect, and also do not want, is the pitch on a product or service. And it is precisely for this reason that we react annoyed when someone misuses the platform.

LinkedIn as an Alternative

In contrast, there is the LinkedIn platform, which is currently booming. 25 million users from Germany are registered every month, of which 19 million are on the platform every day. With the expectation of expanding the business network and entering into business exchange. Recently there has even been the option of LinkedIn advertisements in which you can advertise yourself and your products.

People who are active in this network react very differently to a pitch. Usually the business interests are in the foreground. Therefore, they are more open to such offers, to also accept them, read through messages and directly confirm the contact request positively. The function of documenting one’s own professional career, searching for jobs and work opportunities also makes it clear that this platform is more suitable than Instagram when it comes to business matters.

Social Network Conclusion

But even on LinkedIn or Instagram, as almost everywhere, there is no black or white, because the combination of both channels makes perfect sense.

While you let your followers take a look behind the scenes on Instagram and give them private insights through the Insta story, on LinkedIn you show your professional skills, your personal career and possibly your interests. It often happens that you are followed as a person on both platforms. And then it’s just nice not to find and read the same content everywhere, but to get an all-round view to get a holistic picture.

Vodatinskij is warning to be careful with dual use! Only publish things on Instagram that you want to make available to your business network or differentiate between professional and private context, because the topic of transparency also has two sides of the same coin.

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Prior to an Anticipated Market Recovery, China’s Honor is Placing Bets on AI Devices for Worldwide Expansion




Prior to an Anticipated Market Recovery, China's Honor is Placing Bets on AI Devices for Worldwide Expansion

As the global rivalry heats up, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Honor, a spin-off of Huawei Technologies, is depending on artificial intelligence (AI) to transform the way people use its devices and give it an advantage.

At a launch event in Barcelona on Sunday, Honor CEO George Zhao Ming outlined the company’s new AI strategy, which entails developing a “intent-based user interface” that would aid in enabling a seamless experience across various systems and devices. He was giving a speech prior to MWC Barcelona, formerly known as the Mobile World Congress, a trade exhibition for the mobile communications sector.

Zhao showed off Honor’s new Magic Portal feature during an interface showcase. This enables users to quickly open the location in Google Maps by tapping and dragging a text message that contains the name of a restaurant, for example. The concept is that AI can foresee user needs to provide a better experience.

The Magic 6 Pro, Honor’s most recent flagship smartphone, made its world debut at the event. It has AI-powered features including Magic Portal and MagicLM, the company’s 7-billion-parameter large language model (LLM). In Europe, prices begin at €1,299 (US$1,405).

Zhao stated at the event that Honor is interested in collaborating with business partners to advance its AI capabilities. He cited Meta Platforms, the owner of Facebook, as an example, noting that Honor employs the open-source Llama 2 model from the US tech giant to create text and respond to user inquiries on the Magic 6 Pro.

As part of the larger Magic 6 series, the new flagship smartphone made its debut in mainland China last month. It was Honor’s first 5G phone to come equipped with MagicLM.

As competition in the area heats up, Honor is not the only company attempting to include AI capabilities into its phones. As AI is viewed as a key factor in the anticipated market recovery this year following a protracted decline, numerous smartphone manufacturers have made their commitment to implementing it on their own products known.

Oppo, which according to research firm IDC will rank as the fourth-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world in 2023, declared earlier this month that the “AI phone era” had begun and that it will be allocating more resources in this direction. The company’s own AndesGPT AI is included in the Find X7 series smartphones, which were released last month.

For its well-known Galaxy devices, Samsung Electronics uses third parties to provide generative artificial intelligence (GenAI). As part of a multi-year cooperation, the company’s 5G devices will employ Google’s Gemini model globally. But as Samsung revealed this month, the South Korean tech behemoth has teamed up with Baidu to use its LLM in the Galaxy S24 in mainland China.

Global shipments of GenAI-enabled smartphones are expected to surpass 100 million units this year, up from roughly 47 million in 2023, and then quickly increase to 552 million by 2027, according to tech research firm Counterpoint.

According to Counterpoint, GenAI handsets, a subclass of AI smartphones, employ similar models to produce original content as opposed to only responding preprogrammed or carrying out predetermined tasks. Since AI models are frequently built into chipsets and come with specified hardware requirements, these devices execute AI models natively.

According to IDC, worldwide smartphone shipments decreased 3.2% year over year to 1.17 billion devices in 2023. The research group stated that although the number of shipments for the entire year was the lowest in ten years, “growth in the second half of the year has cemented the expected recovery for 2024.”

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Google’s Most Recent Android Updates Boost Messages, Maps, and Images with AI




Google's Most Recent Android Updates Boost Messages, Maps, and Images with AI

While the Mobile World Congress gets underway in Barcelona, Google is releasing a few new features for Android. Upgrades to Android Auto, an AI boost for Messages, and the ability to view tickets and boarding cards directly from your Wear OS wristwatch are among the updates.

This week, Google Messages for Android will provide the AI model Gemini directly from a test version. Without ever leaving the Messages app, you may arrange events, have the model draft messages help you come up with ideas, and get aid with other chores.

An AI update is also coming for Android Auto. To prevent distractions while driving, the interface will automatically utilize artificial intelligence to condense lengthy texts or group discussions. It can also recommend replies, which you can simply tap to send, along with other actions like initiating a call or sharing an estimated time of arrival.

Global rollout of Google’s AI-generated image description feature is also underway. The picture caption tool, which is integrated into the Lookout app, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide audio descriptions of photos online or in messaging for those who are blind or visually impaired. When Google first unveiled the function in September, it was limited to English users in the US, UK, and Canada. Lookout image captions are now accessible on Android smartphones worldwide, however they are now limited to English.

Here’s an additional accessibility upgrade for Maps’ Lens feature. As you move your phone about your environment, Lens employs augmented reality and, you guessed it, artificial intelligence to find nearby eateries, train stations, ATMs, and other locations. Google’s TalkBack screen reader can now speak location-specific details aloud, such as company hours, reviews, and directions. Those who are blind or have low vision may find this useful.

Additionally, Google is updating Docs to allow handwritten annotations from an Android tablet or phone. Now, if you would rather edit documents the old-fashioned manner, you may highlight specific portions or take notes in different pen colors using your finger or stylus.

Because you can tap where you want to beam a song when using YouTube Music on an Android device, switching between different devices is made quite easy. With just a button push, you can now effortlessly choose between playing music on your phone, headphones, smart display, or TV thanks to Spotify’s expansion of this feature.

In the mix is a health upgrade as well. With Android’s Health Connect feature, which gathers data from wearables and applications like AllTrails, Oura Ring, and MyFitnessPal, you can now view a summary of your health information in the updated Fitbit app. You may view data from any connected apps alongside your Fitbit data on your Android phone by opening the Fitbit app and selecting the You tab. Information from compatible apps, such as steps taken, calories burnt, and distance traveled, will be displayed on the Today tab.

Lastly, a couple improvements to Wear OS: Now, you can use your smartwatch to access Google Wallet passes, such as boarding passes, tickets, and gym memberships. Thanks to Google Maps integration on Wear OS, you can also receive instructions for public transportation on your wrist. This implies that you can view guided navigation as well as bus, rail, and ferry departure timetables.

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Reddit and Google Struck a Partnership for AI Training Data




Reddit and Google Struck a Partnership for AI Training Data

As part of their recent collaboration, Reddit is providing Google with AI training data. Reddit said in an update on Thursday that it will begin offering Google “more efficient ways to train models.”

Google will get access to Reddit’s data API through the partnership, which provides real-time material from Reddit’s site. In addition to giving Google “an efficient and structured way to access the vast corpus of existing content on Reddit,” this will enable the corporation to incorporate Reddit content into new product displays.

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman hinted that the company might look for similar revenue-generating agreements in the future when he said, “The API usage is about covering costs and data licensing is a new potential business for us,” in an interview with The Verge last year regarding Reddit’s API changes and the protests that followed.

Reddit will now have access to Vertex AI, Google’s AI-powered solution designed to assist businesses enhance their search engine rankings, thanks to the relationship. According to Reddit, the modification has no bearing on the conditions of the company’s data API, which forbid developers or businesses from using it for profit without authorization.

Reddit and an unidentified AI company reportedly reached a $60 million training agreement just last week, according to a Bloomberg story. In order to facilitate browsing through results from sites featuring human interaction, such as Reddit, Stack Overflow, and Hacker News, Google Search is now expanding the test of a “forums” filter.

Even with this agreement, Reddit and Google haven’t always agreed. Because it was worried that businesses would use its data to train AI models for free, Reddit has previously threatened to stop Google from scanning its website. Reddit is expected to make this adjustment as part of its attempt to increase its valuation, which stood at more than $10 billion in 2021. Reddit is also expected to announce its first public offering in the upcoming weeks.

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