Ace Peak investment is offering SMS Termination to its Customers

Ace Peak Investment (Ace Peak) has over 1000 interconnects with Telecom Operators around the word. Ace peak will now introduce SMS Termination to All their existing customers with Quality and Lowest rates.

Ace peak investment (Ace Peak) SMS Platform could also be a multifunctional platform (SMS application server) for comprehensive SMS traffic management that equips medium carriers and repair suppliers with the capability to provide their customers with a full vary of SMS transit and SMS retail services.

Ace Peak SMS Platform integrates the next core modules:

SMS switch: method SMS traffic from completely different carriers;

routing module: selecting optimum routes for SMS traffic transit;

billing module: sanctioning rate import, invoice generation, payment reconciliation, etc.;

inbuilt web-applications: feat SMS or subscribing to SMS alerts via the website;

a set of APIs: effecting interconnection with the third-party applications (CRM systems, shopper portals, etc.).

Ace Peak SMS Platform is supposed for:

wholesale (international) carriers desirous to amend voice traffic exchange with SMS transit services;

retail (local) carriers and repair suppliers willing to provide their shoppers with an opportunity to send SMS.

Ace Peak SMS Platform benefits:

multifunctional resolution covering all the needs in SMS transit implementation and SMS service rendering, eliminating any necessity to amass additional software;

full-featured SMS switch compatible with SMPP switches of various vendors. For more information Please contact Ace peak  at