No.1- Wholesale Voice Termination Provider – Ace Peak investment

Ace peak Investment (Ace Peak) is one of the global wholesale Voice termination providers producing interconnections by up to 100 line 1 carrier and nationwide telecoms. By Ace peak, clients can build quality, quick, and affordable calls at any corner of the globe. By presenting low-rate VoIP wholesale termination, Ace peak confirms its location on the business market, increasing its geological reach and getting more clients with every moving day. Ace peak assists little and medium-sized VoIP providers as correctly as call shops, corporate clients, plus VoIP resellers. Clients can configure VoIP software, membership in the Ace peak web site, do the prepayment, and experience the combination of high-grade assistance that it offers. Between those high-quality services are:

Wholesale call termination

Ace peak performed a source behind examining every demand during that Termination of traffic. That organization created behind attempting to locate a client 100 million minutes/month of moving; nevertheless, none carrier would allow that. If there existed a carrier to catch it, all would impose excessive overcharges or opening fees! Following beginning the organization and building connections with hundreds of shuttles, we become to put the items of the query synchronically. We are pleased to suggest Termination for whatever traffic! Following Ace peak originated, we collected centuries of carriers and routes in aggregate simultaneously with our direct routes.

We can receive every traffic through our Grand-Father agreements with tier-1 Partners plus the experience to develop your quality of traffic at the boost! Our technology should be permitted us to produce up associations with providers to arrange you the lowest price, most excellent quality, anything-goes Terminus!

  • Endless increasing potential
  • Tier-1 Providers Grade Tools
  • Superior voice quality and cost
  • #1 Coverage for that Globe, Insured
  • Promised CLI on all destinations
  • T38 faxing(with fallback to G711) is continued on all landline destinations
  • Failover/Repetitive Systems
  • Devices for controlling any call capacity(up to 13000 new calls per second)
  • No long-term agreements

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