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Aitcoin: The Beginning of a New Era in Digital Finance



Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have become increasingly important in the lives of people globally in recent years. It is no longer a passing trend; rather, it signals a clear trend toward a brighter future in which financial management is simpler, faster, and, most importantly, more transparent. Saying that is, however, easier than implementing it. Although there have been advances in how individual businesses use blockchain technology, an ecosystem that has fully accepted cryptocurrencies and digitalized banking has much more to look forward to.

Almost every blockchain-related organisation and institution shares this goal. In contrast, Aitcoin is a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency. This blockchain-based, totally decentralised digital financial institution intends to increase the accessibility and versatility of cryptocurrency. Because it is based on the BEP-20 standard, Aitcoin is compatible with the great majority of Binance wallets. Aitcoin is on its way to adding features like sharding and proof of stake, which are becoming increasingly popular in the cryptocurrency industry and are even being incorporated by market leaders like Ethereum, because it runs on the BSC network.

All parties involved will benefit from a more stable and dependable blockchain environment. Aitcoin’s mission is to make blockchain and cryptocurrencies more accessible to everyone, especially newcomers and smaller financial institutions such as consumers and small businesses who are hesitant to use them owing to a lack of transactional security. Sellers and financial advocates, on the other hand, are constantly concerned about market volatility and unpredictability. Aitcoin aims to assist all stakeholders in the business by developing a more reliable and transparent platform for all.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies will become more accessible to everyone, especially newcomers and smaller financial institutions like consumers and small enterprises who are hesitant to use them owing to a lack of transactional security. Sellers and financial advocates, on the other hand, are constantly concerned about market volatility and unpredictability. Aitcoin aims to assist all market participants by developing a more dependable and transparent platform for all.

Aitcoin intends to accomplish this by providing businesses who accept fiat cash with a comprehensive security system similar to that employed by other digitalized banking institutions such as Pay-Pal. AZY money is also fairly unique in terms of how it functions. This is due to the fact that, unlike Bitcoin, the amount of AZY has already been fixed, and no further mining will occur. The distribution of these 100% fair coins has also been determined, with 30% reserved for presale tokens and 25% reserved for staking. In terms of finances, 40% of the budget has been designated for product development, with the remaining 20% designated for marketing.

According to top business analysts, the cryptocurrency sector would be worth $5 trillion by 2025, accounting for around 4.14 percent of global GDP. El Salvador has recently declared Bitcoin legal tender. Many countries are attempting to develop a framework for dealing with and recognising cryptocurrencies. Many people believe that the metaverse is the way of the future, and that Aitcoin is an important part of it. With bated breath, about 300 million people have poured money into savings, investments, and foreign exchange instruments. Aitcoin aims to solve a number of current cryptocurrency issues.

The promise of decentralised apps has yet to be realised in this industry, which is still in its early stages. Aitcoin is well-positioned on the Binance Smart chain due to its unique DApp experiences. Aitcoin’s involvement with modern banking partners in seamless digital systems will provide users with an error-free experience. Aitcoin offers Staking, Farming, Ecommerce, Exchange, Digital Wallet, NextGen NFTs, and cross-chain transactions. Users will be able to spend their coins on the marketplace, exchange them on the Aitcoin Exchange, and store them in their wallets.

Aitcoin is a native crypto token of the BSC network, which is significantly faster and cheaper than the old Ethereum network. The transaction rate of BSC is 10,000 transactions per second. The most significant disadvantage of cryptocurrencies is their tremendous volatility, which is why many participants, especially small businesses and individuals, are wary of engaging in crypto transactions.

Aitcoin addresses this issue by providing high-quality security during coin purchases, shielding consumers from excessive volatility, lowering the dangers of utilising cryptocurrencies as a payment method, and enhancing seller profitability by providing a low-cost payment option. The BSC network’s sovereign blockchain ensures the safety and security of its users and developers. Tokens and cryptocurrencies are two of this technology’s most well-known applications.

Unlike Bitcoin, Aitcoin has a fixed number of coins, there is no additional mining, and all coins have already been created. A total of 2 billion Aitcoins will be available. 15 percent will be allocated to prizes and awards, 10% to the reserve fund, 13% to business promotions, 4% as a contingency, 10% to legal and regulatory, and 6% to partners and investors.

Aitcoin is one of the current pioneers in the development of a better blockchain environment.

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The Genius Behind the Vulcan Blockchain – Bryan Legend



Vulcan Blockchain has been making waves in the crypto market even before its official launch which is targeted for Q2, 2023. Vulcan promises to unlock the power of DeFi (decentralized finance) to enable more transparency, greater security, and faster transactions on the blockchain. 

Who is the person behind Vulcan Blockchain, the latest innovative crypto venture in the market? 

Bryan Legend – a visionary in the crypto industry with years of expertise in analyzing and predicting market trends. 

Bryan Legend is an Australian known around the globe for his adventurous and exciting ventures. Vulcan Blockchain is his fourth crypto venture and the very best, according to him. He has worked in different industries over the years. His first foray into the crypto market fascinated him, and Bryan knew it was his niche. Since then, Bryan has been working with experienced blockchain developers and crypto investors to explore the world of DeFi and open the doors to allow everyone into the market. 

As the core leader of Vulcan Blockchain, Bryan is determined to make the platform highly user-friendly and easy to operate. He believes that his sound market knowledge should offer solace by inviting more people to invest in crypto and generate handsome returns. 

But what is Vulcan Blockchain?

Vulcan Blockchain was developed to make DeFi available across all blockchain areas. It is a powerful crypto protocol with a well-built ecosystem. Vulcan is the world’s first platform with auto-rebasing technology. It also has the exclusive Vulcan Consensus built on the proof of authority protocol to increase sustainability and make the platform environment-friendly. 

Vulcan Blockchain is an independent product of OOXY Labs, a creative development company with digital agency expertise. Bryan Legend is the co-founder of OOXY Labs, along with other prominent members. Their mission is to promote and encourage continuous development of DeFi protocol technologies that will make Vulcan Blockchain a viable crypto solution for the future.  

Why should you invest in Vulcan Blockchain? 

  • Auto-rebasing 
  • Auto-compounding
  • Auto-staking
  • Greater transparency 
  • Reliable ecosystem 
  • Faster transactions 
  • Future-proof 
  • User-friendly 
  • Eco-friendly 

Vulcan Blockchain has two native assets- $gVUL and $VUL.

  • $gVUL (Governance Tokens) 

The governance tokens are used for funding the development and maintenance of the platform. Investors who own $gVUL will have voting rights to determine the future changes and updates that will empower the platform to deliver robust services.

  • $VUL Coins

$VUL is the native coin on Vulcan Blockchain with a maximum supply of 375,000,000,000. The yield, for which all coin holders receive, is fixed at 44% APR. The Flexible rebase component is an extra feature which allows users to maximize their earning opportunities through the platform. 

Vulcan Blockchain’s auto-rebasing functionality will make $VUL one of the hottest commodities in the crypto market. 

Bryan Legend’s new venture is the right choice for crypto investments. Check out the official website to invest in $VUL and become a prominent Vulcan investor with voting rights. 

Don’t forget to follow Vulcan Blockchain and Bryan Legend on Twitter. You can also join the Discord server to interact with other investors and learn more about the crypto market. 



Bryan’s Twitter: 


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VR1 Digital is a digital agency with a great team of Creative experts



We are VR1 Digital, a full-service digital marketing agency based in Kolkata, India. We strongly believe that data doesn’t have to be dry and creativity can reap results.

Our approach combines these two powerful forces and allows us to deliver imaginative top-down digital strategies that engage, convert and, most importantly, perform. By doing so, VR1 Digital demonstrates a high growth trajectory in the digital marketing field. Performance is at the center of our ethos, but so is passion: for the brands we work with, the industry we lead and the challenges that get us out of bed in the morning.

We call ourselves a Solution To Achieve Your Goal for your digital marketing needs. We blend small agency nimbleness with the rigor, structure and depth of expertise of a network agency – and we think we’ve got it “just right”.

VR1 Digital is developing its own success story, fueled by its basic values of commitment and trust. The company is a great answer to all digital demands and has created a very strong clientele base in India.

VR1 Digital began operations in its first official branch in Kolkata in 2017 by Ashish Saraf, who founded VR1 Digital to serve as a one-stop solution for clients’ digital brand communication demands, requirements, and queries.

Being passionate about creating impactful digital experiences, VR1 Digital provides an advantage over competitors. VR1 Digital adheres to the industry’s highest standards, and with 50+ digital specialists at the helm, it provides services to customers ranging from public relations, digital marketing, and web design to branding.

VR1 Digital operates in the quickly expanding and strategically significant digital field. This would be a significant step forward in supporting the agency’s objective of expanding its reach and providing a world-class digital experience throughout India. With the support of our footprint, we seek to assist clients in managing and growing their businesses.” VR1 Digital specializes in developing user-friendly digital solutions; aiding brands; and establishing effective digital campaigns that elicit imagination and emotion, resulting in a major transformation for brands.

The team strives to deliver custom solutions with the greatest levels of creativity and execution because they recognize that each brand is distinct. VR1 Digital delivers innovative ways to promote the brand because it has a strong history in marketing and advertising, which helps the business prosper.

“We aspire to be digital partners for our clients, assisting them in achieving brand growth and impact in the ever-changing digital ecosystem.”

Our unique digital services are designed with our client’s business needs in mind, and they have helped us acquire their trust. We will continue to work to raise the bar for digital marketing in the country. Ashish Saraf went on to say.

VR1 Digital also provides a variety of web and app development and public relations services. Many companies most frequently face problems when they grow in the digital arena, including low engagement and retention rates. In addition to supporting businesses in fixing these problems, VR1 Digital also helps clients utilize various digital solutions to maximize their presence digitally. The company believes in providing personalized, customizable, and simple-to-use digital solutions to clients. VR1 Digital develops its own success story, guided by its basic values of commitment and trust.

The company is the best option for all digital demands because it has a very strong consumer base that has grown in India. VR1 Digital creates international campaigns that change consumers’ perspectives and motivate them to act, from brand recognition to lead generation. VR1 Digital is a committed team that values innovation and works to create high-quality, goal-based services.

Media Info:

Company Name: VR1 Digital
Contact Person: Ashish Saraf
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @vr1digital
Phone: +91 8100605366
City: Kolkata
Country: India
Whatsapp No: +91 8100605366

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Ideal Traits of Entrepreneurs, Investors, Stock Traders, and Coaches



“Adam Dere The Marketing Prodigy and Mentor to Entrepreneurs World Wide”

Entrepreneur-investors, stock traders, and coaches all share common traits that set them apart and make them successful in their respective fields. Firstly, they possess a high level of self-awareness and emotional intelligence, allowing them to make rational decisions and manage their emotions in high-pressure situations. Secondly, they are natural risk-takers and possess a strong sense of resilience, which enables them to bounce back from failures and learn from their mistakes. Moreover, they are exceptional problem solvers and have excellent critical thinking skills. They can analyze information and make informed decisions based on data and trends. Lastly, they are great communicators and can convey their ideas effectively to their teams, investors, and clients.

Iranian entrepreneur, author, mentor, and coach Adam Dere, famously known as TJ, is serving as one of the finest examples in the world of business. Despite having a degree in mechanical engineering, TJ’s passion lies in marketing, and he has taken the world by storm with his marketing acumen and business skills.

TJ is the founder of Sinry Academy, where he teaches e-commerce and solutions to entrepreneurs. He firmly believes that “your network is your net worth,” and he goes to great lengths to ensure that his team reaches its goals with the highest potential. He has also funded several businesses and teaches people how to find the secrets of the market and build their global revenue.TJ has also stunned the world with his book “Marketing Leadership: A Mentorship Approach.” This comprehensive guide to marketing leadership and mentorship covers a range of topics, making it a must-read for anyone looking to succeed in the world of business.

TJ is an inspiration to entrepreneurs and marketers everywhere. With his passion for marketing, his business acumen, and his extensive knowledge, he has helped hundreds of people around the world achieve their goals. He is always looking for new ways to do marketing and is not afraid to try new things.

Follow him on Instagram @tj10xx, and see how he can help you achieve your goals. With his marketing expertise and mentorship approach, he will show you how to take your business to the next level.

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