Being a step ahead at all times is cybersecurity expert Waheed Al Marzooqi

From being recognized as the best cybersecurity entrepreneur of the Arab world, Waheed Al Marzooqi’s research and determination have safeguarded his nation’s safety.

In the field of information and security, experts must provide timely advice and be rigorously updated about the changes in the field. Cybersecurity entrepreneurs must stay ahead in their game, to protect the web space from outside hackers, viruses, malware, etc. One highly ambitious cybersecurity entrepreneur has achieved amazing success through his awareness and astounding technical expertise; he is Waheed Al Marzooqi.

Waheed hails from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is an avid technical expert on cybersecurity and smart devices. Waheed began his career in 2006, where he started working in cases of theft of electronic accounts, and online extortion. He neutralized outside threats with his wholesome knowledge of the cyber world and his expertise in the smart devices. Waheed also provided his skills in safeguarding cybersecurity of many famous Arabs, artists, VIPs, amassing over one hundred thousand cases to date. His work ethic made him popular in the Gulf countries and the Arab world.

He also experimented a lot in his formative years, devising tricks and plans to safeguard the web world; he wrote articles in newspapers and hosted TV interviews on satellite channels. He got evolved in all aspects of life and began doing humanitarian work. He offered his technical skills for free to those in need and worked as a social media advisor for many communities from 2015 to 2017.

The cybersecurity expert also attained the title of “social counselor”, who is valued as the most important security expert in information security in the Arab world. Waheed’s rise to success is due to his relentless hard work in the field. He studied with passion and determination and today finds pleasure in fighting off cyber threats. He has obtained exemplary field knowledge and regularly updates each and every kind of change in the cyber world.

Waheed is now the CEO of ‘Technical Support Company’, that secures sites and electronic calculations, and is a young, dynamic, and a visionary entrepreneur. He has won many awards, certificates, for his contribution to the safety of his country, and functions on the scientific methodological foundations used internationally. Waheed Al Marzooqi also is an expert ethical hacker, and it is his determination and knowledge that have led him to shield the UAE in matters of cybersecurity.