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Discovering ‘Calling Out’ Anjalts Tinkering Piano Ballad



Trevor Wayne -Writer

Noise-canceling headphones on, and it’s onto another round of new music Friday, scrolling and listening from all genres coming through the streaming platforms.   A litmus test to the senses and one song stood out with an uncanny magical effect to hit repeat.  The song is ‘Calling Out’ by multi-talent wunderkind Anjalts, an emerging super-shy artist I had the pleasure of meeting about a year ago when she released ‘Somewhere in the Sky’ and a bunch of other super releases.  But this soft ballad of a quiet tinkering piano pulsates like a heartbeat against the thunder and raindrops lingering in the background filling up my headphones with sounds that immerse your noisy brain to just sit back, relax and let it in.   Feel the prana flowing in like eternal sunshine of bliss, except it’s a rainy thundering rainforest feels and Anjalts celestial voice calling out from afar.  It’s an intimate ballad right from the start.  The effects composed by this rising star fuse a very different approach in a neo-pop psychedelic arrangement of atmospheric serenity not felt in a long time.  And it just keeps getting better.

‘Calling Out’ is reshaping the way mixes are done to inspire the senses instead of turning up the volume of the boom in our ears to the point of deafening effects.  Anjalts is an eco-aware artist/songwriter that exudes nature into what she creates with a consciousness of reminding us of the bigger picture, challenging our humanity as caregivers of the earth to do better.  And why not?  Isn’t that what art is supposed to do?

Lyrically the song talks about time.  Speaking to the artist on the phone, she had me wondering and getting all philosophical because it’s hard not to, especially when you listen to her soft voice asking you a riddle like “what is the real wealth we as humans have?” I said my paycheck on Fridays *wink~ And the answer is Time!  The choices we make in that little time-space are key.  Her songwriting in verse one resonates:


Is all we have again

I want to run away with you

Do you think we’ll make it through?


Is all we have left

I couldn’t see what you were going through

I wish it was me and not you

Calling Out, Calling out to you

Anjalts music is like a therapeutic outlet especially learning about the struggles faced by young people today regarding depression and suicide rates impacting their daily lives.  I do try ‘not’ to watch the news.  Still, every time I peak on my smartphone slide over to see what’s up.  It is not complicated to understand the extraordinary challenges youngsters confront today, which probably weren’t there 20 years ago.

‘Calling Out’ is magically uncomplicated and empowering.  It’s a shout-out to start the dialogue of facing these hardships, and maybe we have to begin resetting our noisy brain back to nature.  A reminder from a down-to-earth artist breaking the mould for young people and what kind of future is in store for them.  It’s an artist growing too in a chaotic time where escapism to deafening sounds seems easier than listening to the birds in the trees or the rain droplets on a rooftop.  Eventually, the noise, the hype and the lights died down, and there is only one more click to the next song in my headphone.  And in the distance, a tinkering piano improvisation of unpredictable sounds and a soft ethereal Anjalts voice ‘Calling Out’ to you.

Like a reset button to calm focus and subtle awareness. Like a breath of fresh air.

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Trevor Wayne – Writer/journalist with articles on Google News sites, Art & Music Blogs, keeping it real for my readers looking for an alternative look at New Music, Art, NFTs, the underground Indie music scene, Radio alternatives that make the Music scene so much better.


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