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International Widows’ Day 2020: Theme, History and Why this day is important?



International Widows’ Day 2020 will be seen on Tuesday, 23rd June 2020. This is an appreciation day that is watched all through the world to talk about the difficulties that widows face when their spouses kick the bucket. Aside from this universal day, a National Widows’ Day is additionally seen on the third of May each year in the United States. Regardless of whether it is National Widows’ Day or International Widows’ Day, the two days are assigned to feature the issues of widows and urge individuals to help widows in battling against the difficulties of life.

What is International Widow’s Day?

The International Widow’s Day plans to address destitution and foul play looked by a large number of widows and their wards in numerous nations. This day is an activity by The Loomba Foundation, a NGO situated in London, United Kingdom, and was propelled at the House of Lords in London on 26 May 2005. In progression to the dispatch, the Loomba Foundation drove a five-year-long worldwide battle for UN acknowledgment. They succeeded when in 2010, the UN in a consistent choice, embraced International Widow’s Day as a yearly worldwide day of activity by the UN General Assembly.

Theme of International Widows’ Day 2020

“Invisible Women, Invisible Problems”

Theme 2020 for International Widows’ Day is “Invisible Women, Invisible Problems”. The United Nations recognizes that widows are imperceptible to policymakers when they attract out national arrangements to address the issues of residents. Arrangements center upon normal residents, workers, jobless youth, and other enduring portions of society anyway widows are not viewed as qualified to be talked about in strategy making gatherings. This is a condemnable demonstration that in excess of 258 million individuals are disregarded completely by the policymakers simply because they are widows. Customarily, widows are viewed as a pointless resource of society since they engage in the skirmish of endurance and they can do little as far as significant errands. As of now, worldwide initiative joined at the UNO stage disheartens any such articulation and it is contended that widows can do a great deal for their countries if their vitality and potential are channelized. It is fundamental to free them from the danger of essential needs shortage with the goal that they would perform profitable errands. Topic 2020 of International Widows’ Day worries after featuring the issues of this disregarded network to make the world increasingly wonderful.

History of International Widows’ Day

Loomba Foundation is credited with observing International Widow’s Day just because in 2005. Loomba Foundation was established by Raj Loomba and Indian national. In 1997, Raj alongside his significant other Veena Choudhary established Shrimati Pushpa Wati Loomba Trust in the UK and afterward renamed it as the Loomba Foundation. The official site of the Loomba Foundation uncovers the tale of Raj Loomba which spurred him to battle for the privileges of widows everywhere throughout the world. Raj Loomba communicates that he was the blessed offspring of a rich dad and delightful caring mother Pushpa Wati Loomba who became disastrous not long after the demise of her caring spouse Shri Jagiri Lal Loomba because of tuberculosis in 1954. Raj additionally shares that her mom who brought him up in the most ideal manner and made it workable for him to begin a design business in the UK was not permitted to enter the Mandap (wedding place) of her child Raj. It happened in light of the fact that the cleric advised that she would carry mishap to the recently married couple. Raj considers what sort of separation poor widows would have been experiencing if his rich mother experienced such an embarrassment. These were thought processes behind the battle of Raj Loomba to get a universal day assigned for widows of the world.

Loomba got a lot of esteem among administrative and non-legislative associations in India and abroad. The legislature of India helped Raj Loomba to persuade the universal network to recognize the difficulties looked by widows and take measures to address those difficulties. At last, on 21st December 2010, the UN General Assembly embraced a goals assigning a day for widows with a reason to kill the “neediness and treachery looked by a huge number of widows and their wards in numerous nations”. The United Nations has likewise included the objective of freeing widows from social separation into Sustainable Development Goals since it would be a lie to guarantee that we have explained the issues of ladies without tending to the issues of widows.

Why International Widows’ Day Important?

Universal Widows’ Day is significant in light of the fact that it spreads mindfulness about the difficulties widows face worldwide and encourages us to discover approaches to support those widows. All things considered, they are a piece of our general public, therefore our lives. It appears that policymakers of the national governments don’t recognize the torments of widows. They make arrangements for other helpless portions of society anyway widows are overlooked completely. This day causes the activists to worry upon policymakers to make approaches for this defenseless network.

Worldwide Widows’ Day is significant on the grounds that it breaks the conventional shame that widows are untouchables; that they bring mishap, that they are misuse of society, that they are a weight on national riches, that they can’t assume a profitable job in the prosperity of society, that they don’t reserve the option to remarry. All things considered, they are brought into the world terrible, that they ought not be given significance in the public arena since they have been denied of their spouses by God (or divine beings). This day is critical to break every one of these marks of disgrace that have made a great deal of ceaseless damage these powerless individuals. The day is essential to urge shattered widows to quit weeping for their spouses and begin supporting themselves to take care of their issues all alone.

International Widows’ Day and COVID-19 Pandemic

This year, national and universal policymakers must take strong measures to address the issues of the current widows and should investigate the more ladies who become widows after their men are capitulating to lethal Corona Virus COVID-19. Furthermore, it ought to likewise be viewed as that many individuals have lost their positions because of the pandemic including widows. Actually, widows don’t gain much in our general public and their salary does little to help them acceptably; along these lines, we should organize assets on a global, national, and individual level to help them. Widows are secured in their homes with void hands and stomach, we should scan for such enduring women and help them.

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Great Artists of The Virtual Platform: Rajat Singla and Megha Singla



There is always a down fall in everyone’s life. Life is the name of ups and downs. The ups and downs of life are nothing more than a shadow, they fade away gradually. They are like designs made in the sand, only one wave is enough to vanish them. We all know that the happiness and the sorrow are temporary in life, but then also, the sorrow affect the life and the mind. The particular time period affects the person’s mind. There are even many day-to-day works, which can create difficulties in one’s life and one can get affected through that stress. The stress of life can affect physically as well as mentally. One should try different ways to ease the stress of life as the stress adversely affect the person physically and mentally.

Music can ease this stress of life. The music can heal even the physical disability of any person. The person can be healed by making him listen to the music, which touches his soul. There are a lot of cases, in which, the person is healed through the music therapy. The music includes playing any instruments of music or singing in a proper way. The music includes rapping too. There are a lot of singers, who touch the hearts of people by their voice. One such singer is Rajat Singla. He has touched the hearts of people by singing in his magical voice. His songs are available on the virtual platforms of music like, Spotify, Apple Music and Jio Saavan. These virtual platforms are very well-known among people. The list of songs by Rajat Singla includes ‘Na Dil Manda’, ‘Kudi Nakhre Wali’ and ‘Dil’. These songs are getting more and more likes on the virtual platforms stated above. His wife Megha Singla also sings beautifully and getting fame as well.

One more way to ease the stress is to read inspirational books. Rajat Singla has contributed to the field of books too. He has written a book on his own life. The name of the book is ‘My Life, My Success Mantras’. the book has insights in the life of author himself. The book is written in the words of Rajat Singla. The book is written to direct the businessmen and give them success mantras for success in the field of business. The book has shown the starting life of Rajat Singla and his career. Readers can get knowledge about the success in life.

The importance of virtual platform is arising with the increase in the use of mobile phones. There are lot of virtual platforms available for each kind of art and business. The artists like Rajat Singla have won the hearts of many people by using these platforms. He has used the virtual platform for make his songs available to people, as we have stated above. He has used the virtual platform of Amazon Kindle for publishing his book ‘My Life, My Success Mantras’. Readers can get the book and music by Rajat Singla on these virtual platforms. Truly, the artists like Rajat Singla are like asset of the nation.

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Valentina Beli is the face for Grande Cosmetics



Valentina Beli, NYC based fashion model did an amazing campaign shoot for Grande Cosmetics. This company was launched in 2008 by Alicia Grande with the very first product Lash enhancing serum. The serum was so successful that the company produces now many different products for the face and hair. Valentina was posing together with 2 different models for Grande eye cream. The purpose of the campaign was to show natural beauty. All photos are not retouched and they show the skin and age diversity.

Valentina is happy to be a part of this mindful campaign.

“Models don’t have any power to control their pictures and to control the postproduction. So that’s why it is priceless when you can be yourself on set” said the supermodel.

Valentina did multiple campaigns in Paris, Milan, China, New York.

“My photos have been exposed in big boards all around the world. I’m thrilled to see the printed results in Sephora and Ulta beauty shops”, said Valentina.

You can see last updates in Valentina’s Instagram @valentinabeli.

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Thousand trees planted in the Alleys of Fame in 15 cities of Russia by Ecoplant



It is enough just to drive away from the Russian capital, and youll find yourself in a fairy forest. This is the Ecoplant plant nursery, where 9670 plant species are grown. They are all adapted to the harsh climatic conditions of Russia.

How is it possible? Of course, the experience of the nursery plays a huge role as trees have been grown here for more than twenty years. During this time, the company specialists have gained extensive knowledge on how to adapt plants and help them survive, so all the seedlings come with a 3-year warranty.

Among the plants grown by Ecoplant, there are various types of thuja, coniferous and deciduous trees, shrubs, fruit plants, and exclusive garden species.

The Ecoplant team employs people with a professional expertise in their field: 15 agronomists-dendrologists, 30 teams of landscape gardeners, and 79 customer service managers who accompany the orders on all stages and pay attention to every detail. In addition, the nursery applies the most advanced plant care equipment.

During its operation, Ecoplant has repeatedly become the winner of prestigious awards in its field of activity. The company has won landscape design competitions, as well as competitions among nurseries for their ornamental crops. In addition, the company carried out a large-scale campaign called “Walk of Fame”, during which thousands of trees were planted in 15 cities of the Russian Federation.

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