Parmarth Next-Gen Tech Entrepreneur talks about mistakes entrepreneurs make while scaling IT Company in India

Cutting out of the cubicle to attempt entrepreneurship has been an intoxicating promise for so many of us who have a desire for more option, satisfaction and impact.

Parmarth Nextgen Tech Entrepreneur founder of Best Website Designing & Development Company & also the Top App development Company PM Communications in Ahmedabad, India.

But after about a decade of handling IT firm PM Communications, as a young Entrepreneur and strategist, Parmarth noticed that while the idea of freedom was alive, the possibility of achieving it was not.

Parmarth says if you are not useful in making strategies about how to build an IT company in India can cost you significantly in the short term.

Here are the mistakes Parmarth says will keep you from scaling ultimately.

Market Research

Never offer in a vacuum. Know who you’re talking to, their discomfort points, worries, and wishes and then build something that can be an answer to their problem.

‘You should know what market needs say, Parmarth.’ Market research is one of the most significant factors for business. Try to understand the need of the market and bring something innovative and useful. 

Afraid of Selling:

You see the stain around marketing and almost every entrepreneur Parmarth has worked with has said, in some way, form, ‘how to trade without being a good salesperson?’ I get it because no one wants to come off as the smart salesman looking to take advantage of whoever has a pulse and a credit card. 

But when you promote products that solve problems, you actually have a moral responsibility to market!” says Parmarth.

Social media:

Social media plays a significant role in today’s world. Parmarth who developed several apps and all was marketed through social media platforms like Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms.

“Social media is an engaged empire, but your record is something you own. Use your social media as a way to drive people onto your account, not as a place where you conduct all sales,” advises Parmarth. 

Sharing good things on social media platforms will grow your list and also clients form that platform.

You’re Not Rotating With Confidence

“All too often, entrepreneurs lose to join their business activities to the idea they have for their lives. In doing so, they keep hustling and working things without actually questioning themselves, ‘how will this affect my career?'” says Parmarth.

Maybe you want to increase your audience and your profit, and you see someone else shooting it with monetizing a blog, so you begin one. 

But you hesitate to write, and your unique vision was building more free time in your days, not sitting in front of your laptop doing something you dislike. 

“The shaft is fine. It’s important for the growth and evolution of the industry. But the pivot without intention and based on what other people are doing is the end of happiness and meaning. Always care, choose what follows with both your company goals and vision for your life,” says Parmarth.

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