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Parmarth Next-Gen Tech Entrepreneur talks about mistakes entrepreneurs make while scaling IT Company in India



Cutting out of the cubicle to attempt entrepreneurship has been an intoxicating promise for so many of us who have a desire for more option, satisfaction and impact.

Parmarth Nextgen Tech Entrepreneur founder of Best Website Designing & Development Company & also the Top App development Company PM Communications in Ahmedabad, India.

But after about a decade of handling IT firm PM Communications, as a young Entrepreneur and strategist, Parmarth noticed that while the idea of freedom was alive, the possibility of achieving it was not.

Parmarth says if you are not useful in making strategies about how to build an IT company in India can cost you significantly in the short term.

Here are the mistakes Parmarth says will keep you from scaling ultimately.

Market Research

Never offer in a vacuum. Know who you’re talking to, their discomfort points, worries, and wishes and then build something that can be an answer to their problem.

‘You should know what market needs say, Parmarth.’ Market research is one of the most significant factors for business. Try to understand the need of the market and bring something innovative and useful. 

Afraid of Selling:

You see the stain around marketing and almost every entrepreneur Parmarth has worked with has said, in some way, form, ‘how to trade without being a good salesperson?’ I get it because no one wants to come off as the smart salesman looking to take advantage of whoever has a pulse and a credit card. 

But when you promote products that solve problems, you actually have a moral responsibility to market!” says Parmarth.

Social media:

Social media plays a significant role in today’s world. Parmarth who developed several apps and all was marketed through social media platforms like Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms.

“Social media is an engaged empire, but your record is something you own. Use your social media as a way to drive people onto your account, not as a place where you conduct all sales,” advises Parmarth. 

Sharing good things on social media platforms will grow your list and also clients form that platform.

You’re Not Rotating With Confidence

“All too often, entrepreneurs lose to join their business activities to the idea they have for their lives. In doing so, they keep hustling and working things without actually questioning themselves, ‘how will this affect my career?'” says Parmarth.

Maybe you want to increase your audience and your profit, and you see someone else shooting it with monetizing a blog, so you begin one. 

But you hesitate to write, and your unique vision was building more free time in your days, not sitting in front of your laptop doing something you dislike. 

“The shaft is fine. It’s important for the growth and evolution of the industry. But the pivot without intention and based on what other people are doing is the end of happiness and meaning. Always care, choose what follows with both your company goals and vision for your life,” says Parmarth.

Parmarth is working on project which is new thing for people in India it is an news app and website 25hournews.

Parmarth is also assisting his friends in their project which is started by the best freelance content writer of Gujarat, India and best digital marketing expert in Gujarat India Jigar Saraswat and best Programmer in Gujarat Monish Solanki.

Hannah Barwell is the most renowned for his short stories. She writes stories as well as news related to the technology. She wrote number of books in her five years career. And out of those books she sold around 25 books. She has more experience in online marketing and news writing. Recently she is onboard with Apsters Media as a freelance writer.

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Business, an AI-Powered Speech Clarity Firm, Launches with $2.1 Million in Venture Money



The generative AI startup Inc. has raised a $2.1 million seed fundraising round. The company uses artificial intelligence to enhance voice communications.

“Gaingels, a new investor, joined the round headed by Cardumen Capital and Recursive Ventures. The investment announcement and the release of’s first two products, a more conventional noise canceling feature and an innovative AI-powered “accent softening” tool, are made at the same time.”

The flagship product of the company is Accent Softening, which is aimed at call center agents. Locally installed on a PC or mobile device, it is said to preserve the unique qualities of every accent while emphasizing the importance of clear communication. It is made to work with well-known communication programs such as Zoom, Teams, and Meet.

The system operates using exclusive artificial intelligence models that are trained to produce speech with less accent in real time, while preserving the distinctiveness of the speaker’s voice. The speakers will sound natural and less accented, in other words. Based on its instantaneous functionality for all speakers, predicts that, like noise reduction technologies, it will soon become the new norm in the communications industry.

The business also unveiled a more conventional Noise Cancellation tool that employs generative AI to completely remove background noise from the equation while recreating the speaker’s voice. It can be accessed via the same PC application, and according to the startup, tests have shown that it works better than denoising headsets and other software-based devices.

Ofer Ronen, the CEO and co-founder of, stated in a blog post that “it also works exceptionally well at removing other voices and music for customers on the other end— even if the sound to remove is right next to the main speaker.” Providing excellent customer service can be incredibly stressful, even in the absence of language problems. Accents can cause problems in certain settings when clarity is crucial, particularly in stressful or urgent situations.

According to the business, its solutions would enhance call center agents’ productivity, raise customer happiness and retention rates, and produce better interactions all around. Agents will have more authority to attain greater charges.

According to, businesses can benefit greatly from its solutions since they can help close the performance gap between in-house and offshore call center personnel, which will help reduce customer annoyance.

According to the startup, its noise cancellation tools will be used more widely in call centers throughout the world, while its accent softening tools will be partnered with several international call centers in the Philippines, India, and Pakistan.

Accent softening, according to Holger Mueller of Constellation Research Inc., is one of the more creative new use cases made possible by generative AI and has the potential to make interactions easier.

According to the researcher, “removing strong accents makes spoken English much clearer, which leads to more empathy and customer intimacy.” “A call center representative might establish a stronger relationship and streamline the resolution process by imitating the caller’s accent on the spot, so removing any problems stemming from unclear communication. We’ll soon find out if’s generative AI solution to a real-world issue is well-received by clients.

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HCL Tech Introduces “Enterprise AI Foundry” to Propel AI-Driven Enterprises



The ‘HCLTech Enterprise AI Foundry,’ which aims to streamline and expand enterprise Al journeys, was unveiled by HCL Tech on Monday.

According to the company, the comprehensive suite of tools speeds up the transformation driven by Generative AI (GenAI) throughout business value chains by fusing data engineering, artificial intelligence (Al), and cognitive infrastructure.

The company’s Al solutions are optimized for on-premises infrastructure and can be scaled for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

IT leaders can now create seamless integration between IT and data assets thanks to this project, which eliminates data silos, industrial-scale Al foundation models, and an abundance of tools and frameworks.

It facilitates the easy creation of next-generation Al-powered applications by development teams and allows business leaders to concentrate on practical results.

“Our vast experience providing data engineering and Al services is expanded upon by HCLTech Enterprise AI Foundry. Vijay Guntur, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Ecosystems at HCL Tech, stated, “When combined with the newest GenAI technologies, we provide rapid and significant time-to-value through AI.”

The “Enterprise Al Foundry,” according to the corporation, intends to expedite AI-led business process transformation and strategy.

The business offers decades of expertise in data modernization, infrastructure services, and Al implementation services.

“A fresh roadmap is required to close the gap between Al’s hype and results. HCLTech Enterprise Al Foundry will make it easier to integrate enterprise data with AI, expedite the development of AI-powered applications, and guarantee trust, safety, and dependability, all of which will encourage confident adoption “said Srini Kompella, Senior Vice President, Data and AI, HCLTech.

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HCL Tech Unveils Enterprise AI Foundry to Enhance AI Impact Across Enterprise Value Chains



Launched on Monday, HCL Tech’s Enterprise AI Foundry aims to streamline and expand enterprise AI initiatives. To drive Generative AI (GenAI)-led change across company value chains, an integrated suite of assets combines data engineering, artificial intelligence (AI), and cognitive infrastructure.

The HCLTech Enterprise AI Foundry is optimized for on-premises infrastructure and can be scaled for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). By eliminating data silos, industrial-scale AI foundation models, and an excess of tools and frameworks, it enables IT leaders to create a smooth connection between IT and data assets.

“HCLTech Enterprise AI Foundry expands upon our wealth of knowledge in providing AI and data engineering solutions.” Our AI solutions offer a notable and quick time-to-value when combined with the most recent GenAI technology, according to HCLTech’s Chief Technology Officer and Ecosystems Head Vijay Guntur.

Enterprise AI Foundry seeks to accelerate AI-led business process transformation and strategies subsequent to the launch of HCLTech AI Force. We require a new blueprint in order to close the gap between the hoopla around AI and its actual results. According to Srini Kompella, senior vice president of data and AI at HCLTech, “HCLTech Enterprise AI Foundry will simplify the foundational AI infrastructure, enable integrating enterprise data with AI, streamline the creation of AI-powered applications, and ensure trust, safety, and reliability, fostering confident adoption.”

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