T-Mobile’s 5G network launches today and the first speed tests have come out

Today’s the day that T-Mobile’s 5G system goes live, thus a few people have put it under a magnifying glass utilizing the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G (which likewise dispatches at T-Mo today) to perceive what the T-Mobile’s early 5G system is able to do.

In speed tests taken in New York City today, the T-Mobile 5G system set up peak download velocities of almost 600Mbps. CNET reports that its tests beat out at 583Mbps while Tom’s Guide says its top download speed was 579Mbps. Uploads are still going over 4G LTE, so they weren’t nearly as fast, topping out at around 50Mbps.

Not the majority of the speed tests brought about close 600Mbps paces, with some clocking in around 326Mbps, which is slower yet at the same time quicker than 4G LTE in many places. For instance, CNET discovered one spot where the 5G download speed was 462Mbps while the 4G LTE speed was 83.3Mbps.

One of the advantages of 5G is that it’ll empower you to download games, apps, and movies much faster, and these speed tests today demonstrated that. The game PUBG comes in at around 2GB in size, however it downloaded from Google Play in 2 minutes and 12 seconds over T-Mobile 5G, while a 555MB movie downloaded from Netflix in only 40 seconds.

While the speeds T-Mobile’s 5G system is posting are very as quick as a portion of the tests on Verizon and AT&T’s 5G systems,Tom’s Guide notes that T-Mobile’s 5G coverage in New York City is “impressively broad compared to Verizon’s network in Chicago” and CNET says that “coverage was better than what we’ve experienced on other mmWave networks.” T-Mobile’s coverage definitely isn’t widespread yet, and it’s only using millimeter wave spectrum that isn’t known for having long reach, but these early tests are encouraging for dedicated to being an early adopter and getting on T-Mo’s 5G network in New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Atlanta, or Cleveland.