Trip specialist Accused Of thefting To $2 Million In Frequent Flyer Points

Government examiners state the Chicago-based specialist bilked the Delta SkyBonus program.

A high-flying accomplice in a Chicago travel office has been accused of extortion for purportedly taking and recovering about $2 million worth of Delta Air Lines regular customer focuses.

Gennady Podolsky, 43, “used his knowledge of the travel industry to take advantage of his travel agency clients,” Atlanta-based U.S. Lawyer Byung Pak said in an announcement Friday. “Through his access, he allegedly took advantage of Delta Airlines corporate frequent flyer program, illegally reaping millions of SkyBonus points worth more than $1.75 million.”

Podolsky piled on 42 million points in a year starting in the spring of 2014, as indicated by examiners.

The double Ukrainian and U.S. native and overseeing accomplice of the Vega International Travel Services was profiled in 2016 of every a component in Wired that said he had a “bag of tricks” to get clients where they needed to go. Podolsky portrayed himself as “very creative.” Transportation is the “system of arteries that holds the world together,” he told Wired. “It’s just very exciting.”

Vega Travel took into account clients of eastern European and Russian drop living abroad, as per the announcement from the U.S. Lawyer’s Office in the northern locale of Georgia (Delta is headquartered in Atlanta.) Officials state Podolsky exploited a lot of focuses gathered through Delta’s SkyBonus plan, which enables enlisted organizations to gain focuses to exchange with the expectation of complimentary miles or different advantages when their workers travel.

He supposedly masterminded to enroll a SkyBonus account for the sake of a ripeness focus, which was claimed and worked by a relative of the leader of Vega. Tickets that Podolsky reserved for different clients would pile on SkyBonus miles for the richness focus, despite the fact that the movement customers had no association with the business, as per examiners.

Podolsky was summoned Thursday on 12 checks of wire misrepresentation.

Podolsky’s attorney said his activities were not fake. “Podolsky “is a well-regarded and profoundly gifted travel consultant who has served a steadfast demographic for a long time,” lawyer Seth Kirschenbaum said in an announcement to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “While the government says Delta is a victim, the evidence at trial will show Delta actually netted millions of dollars of profits from its relationship with Mr. Podolsky.”

The carrier said in an announcement: “We’re glad to perceive any sort of extortion arraigned and keep on working with the FBI and the District Attorney’s office to present sure this defense is indicted to its fullest degree.”