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Will Dow Jones Mind? : Why Trump’s Big China Trade Decision May Be To Do Nothing



The China exchange war has been developing to this cutoff time for year and a half. The close record Dow Jones Industrial Average and more extensive financial exchange recommend that Wall Street generally expects President Donald Trump to consent to a stage one arrangement. That would move back some current duties and wave off taxes prepared to trigger on Dec. 15.

However Trump hasn’t exactly put to rest fears that they’ll give 15% levies a chance to produce results on workstations, footwear, attire and Apple (AAPL) iPhones. Raising the exchange struggle would start reprisal, cut the legs out from under the securities exchange’s push to record highs, and feed worldwide financial vulnerability.

Chances of the bad dream heightening situation show up low. Presidents by and large attempt to take action in the prior year re-appointment, not explode the worldwide economy.

However various tea leaves allude to a third conceivable situation that would add up to an impasse, at any rate temporarily. The center ground, sidelining the Dec. 15 duties on $160 billion in Chinese imports however avoiding striking an arrangement, may look progressively appealing to Trump.

Trump Mulls Post-Election China Trade Deal

A week ago, Trump groused that “in some ways” they would incline toward making a China economic agreement after the 2020 political race. Business Secretary Wilbur Ross opened a window into Trump’s reasoning a day later. Looking out for an economic alliance until after the political race would prevent China from utilizing the American political schedule as influence, Ross told. “Once it (the election) occurs and he’s back in (office), now that’s no longer a distraction that can detract from our negotiating position.”

Trump’s discussion of a post-political decision China exchange accord helped trigger a two-day, 549-point Dow Jones misfortune. Money Street obviously wouldn’t adore this result. So for what reason is this situation still in play? After Friday’s outstanding employments report, Trump may harbor developing questions about alerts that he should strike an economic alliance to guarantee re-appointment. What’s more, remember that Trump, who is known to incite influxes of frenzy purchasing and selling by means of a tweet, may feel certain he can guide markets, similar to Poseidon with his trident.

Trump may feel that punting on the Dec. 15 taxes without reporting an arrangement will give their a chance to maintain a strategic distance from a lowering retreat. What’s more, if markets list and the U.S. economy debilitates, they could at present keep open the choice of an arrangement and occasionally tweet about the plausibility.

Beijing Demands Trump Tariff Retreat

Trump may wind up touting even a minor China economic agreement as a stunning accomplishment. Keep in mind their charismatic skill. However verifiable in the discussion of China’s influence is that the arrangement Trump must acknowledge or reject resembles a significant retreat from what they has looked for and guaranteed.

In declaring a fundamental arrangement on Oct. 11, Trump said Beijing would increase acquisition of U.S. horticulture to $50 billion every year. However China has pushed back against ensuring any measure of buys, saying it purchases dependent on need. In addition, Beijing demands that Trump move back Sept. 1 taxes on $110 billion in Chinese imports.

At the beginning of China exchange talks 2018, Trump requested that China cut the exchange hole by $200 billion every year. At that point, in mid 2019, the different sides allegedly talked about a trillion-dollar-in addition to lift to Chinese buys. The objective was said to be the end of the exchange hole by 2024. The U.S. ran a products shortage of $369 billion with China in the course of recent months through October.

A stage one arrangement would simply be an initial move toward rebalancing the U.S.- China exchange relationship. In any case, neither one of the sides is idealistic that a stage two arrangement could be accomplished. Beijing has said it will just make future concessions dependent on the degree to which Trump loosens up the taxes on $250 billion in Chinese imports that would remain on the off chance that he drops Sept. 1 taxes.

Will Beijing Sweeten The China Trade Deal?

While the different sides keep on talking, the diagrams of the arrangement on offer have been truly clear for almost a month. In the case of nothing changes, Trump should choose taking a terrible arrangement or no arrangement. At that point the key inquiry is whether Trump can persuade himself that he needn’t bother with a China economic agreement.

Beijing has flagged it’s in no disposition to improve the pot. In the course of recent weeks, Congress has passed enactment supporting human rights in Hong Kong and Xinjiang territory. Trump marked the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, which Beijing called “sinister.”

Presently China’s Communist Party has apparently requested state workplaces to eliminate utilization of remote equipment and programming frameworks more than three years, hitting Microsoft (MSFT) and different U.S. tech organizations.

When Beijing discharged new licensed innovation assurance rules half a month back, focusing on a remarkable decrease in IP robbery by 2022, the Dow Jones energized firmly. What’s fascinating however is that Beijing broadcasted the change, as opposed to saving it as an arranging admission to influence Trump.

That doesn’t actually resemble franticness to strike an arrangement. Or maybe, China needs to flag that it is opening up its economy, paying little heed to whether there’s an exchange accord. Thus, Beijing has brought down levies on imports from non-U.S. nations, even as it raised levies on U.S. merchandise.

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Here’s How Bitcoin Depot® Aims to Make Crypto Even More Accessible in 2021



Crypto ATMs or Digital Currency Kiosks (DCKs) are commonly found in areas like the U.S., Canada, and the UK. While other countries are still struggling to nail down cryptocurrency regulations, these three countries are leading the crypto-economy. A great example of this is the exponential growth of Bitcoin Depot, the largest and fastest-growing multi-cryptocurrency ATM network that is Bringing Crypto to the Masses™. 

Since 2015, the number of crypto ATMs or crypto ATMs has increased. As of June 2021, the crypto industry reported more than 22,000 crypto ATMs across the world. Bitcoin Depot, the largest of these networks, operates more than 4,000 of them across North America with more on the way.

Brandon Mintz, Founder, President, and CEO of Bitcoin Depot, explains the trends of crypto ATMs and the bright future for his  company, which has more than tripled its ATM count in the last year. Bitcoin Depot is projected to install close to 6,000 crypto ATMs by the end of 2021, and we are rooting for this progress, as these machines and cryptocurrency as a whole are here to stay and change the way we participate in financial services. 

What are Crypto ATMs? 

Crypto ATMs are just like cash ATMs, except they enable you to buy cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Depot offers a cash-to-crypto service, which means that you can get your cryptocurrency in return for cash at a physical location, which eliminates the need for online transactions. “Our crypto ATMs process the entire transaction in two minutes. This makes the act of purchasing digital assets faster than ever,” Mintz says. 

Crypto ATMs have become a part of crypto users’ daily lives, saving them from the tedious effort and delayed process of making an online purchase. This is especially true in the United States, which held 83% of the global crypto ATMs concentrated in North America in 2020. As a result of the growing demand for quick and convenient crypto transactions and the company’s exponential increase in the number of crypto ATMs installed last year, Atlanta-based Bitcoin Depot expanded its team by 130%.  

What Does The Future Hold? 

The number of crypto ATMs is anticipated to continue rising as cryptocurrency becomes  more widely accepted worldwide. “We are aiming to install up to 6,000 crypto ATMs by the end of this year, while advocating for the continued growth of the crypto-economy,” shares Mintz. 

Industry experts are expecting more banks to join the digital economy soon by opening a new chapter of acceptance for digital currencies as a standard form of payment. 

Since crypto ATMs have some significant advantages over traditional forms of payment methods, they are expected to bring about a positive contribution in the growth of cryptocurrency. “If we look at the figures, there has been an astounding growth in the installation by approximately 700% percent since 2016,” adds Mintz as he shares the plans for his company. According to a report, it is predicted that by 2023 that the crypto ATM market will be worth $144.5 million. 

Find Your Nearest Crypto ATM

As Bitcoin Depot continues to thrive, the company is introducing more accessible locations for people in North America. Over the last few months, Bitcoin Depot added thousands of new crypto ATMs throughout the US and Canada where users can instantly and securely buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum using cash. All you need to do is use this crypto ATM locator before heading out and visit the nearest one to complete your purchase! 

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Roosh’s partner Sergey Kartashov (Sergejs Kartasovs) about the development of AI and ML projects in the Ukrainian IT sector



Today, the best IT professionals from around the world are actively working to implement technologies based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and neural networks into our lives. Ukrainian developers keep up with their foreign counterparts: recently, a lot of startups from this field have reached the top in the AppStore and GooglePlay world ratings. Sergey Kartashov (Sergejs Kartasovs), the Senior Partner at technology company Roosh, shared his vision of the future prospects for AI and ML technologies in Ukraine.

The modern academic community no longer classifies AI and ML technologies as theoretical ones, since they are increasingly being applied in practice. The computer games and mobile application developers are already actively using many of the existing practices. Analysts, financial institutions, and even medical institutions apply them as well.

For instance, doctors from China used the AI-based system at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic. With its help, doctors could monitor compliance with quarantine restrictions by citizens of the country. Furthermore, now IT developers are focused to create services that would help diagnose various diseases as quickly and efficiently as possible, using advances from the field of Machine Learning.

As Sergey Kartashov notes, foreign investors willingly put money in the projects implementing AI and ML technologies. In 2020 alone, such projects attracted about 40% of the total investment in the IT sector. Educational projects, the development of drones, and startups from the field of medicine interest the investors the most.

So far, Ukraine cannot boast of such rapid development in the sector of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Nevertheless, Ukrainian tech companies have already proven that they are capable of creating promising high-quality AI-based projects. Moreover, according to the Senior Partner at Roosh, over the past 10 years, there have been a lot of such products on the Ukrainian market. The expert notes such startups as the text checking service Grammarly, the Viewdle’s technology capable of recognizing objects and faces in images (by the way, Google Inc bought this product to use for its own search engine), and the scoring system Scorto that the financial structures willingly use.

Roosh also has several similar products to its credit. The Reface application is among the most successful of them. The trick of this product is that a user can replace the face of an actor or singer with his or her own and become the main character in the video or GIF. The popularity of the application turned out to be so great that in the fall of 2020 it topped the App Store rating, leaving behind even such projects as TikTok, Netflix, and YouTube.

According to Sergey Kartashov, AI and ML technologies have already become an integral part of our everyday life. These developments are actively used to automatically translate and check the text, scan fingerprints on phones and tablets, and recognize faces in social networks.

The expert argues that what previously seemed an unfeasible future has already become an objective reality. And Ukraine has bright prospects in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning along with the world’s tech giants.

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Samuel Kwame Boadu is the black entrepreneur Ghanaian who is redefining access to quality education with scholarships for Africans especially Ghanaians at all levels.

Samuel Kwame Boadu with his firm SamBoad Travels & Educational Consult, department of SamBoad Business Group Limited is making it possible for Ghanaians and some African countries to achieve their set goals to further their education. Some are also achieving their dreams in other fields of education, through Samuel Kwame Boadu’s company, an education and travel consultancy firm.

Samuel Kwame Boadu, Founding CEO of SamBoad Business Group is determined to redefine education with focus on training, consulting, marketing, travel and scholarships.

Samuel Kwame Boadu commenced his consultancy with an agreement with UNIAGENTS, a platform with many affordable universities across the globe , processing over 34  eligible applicants with full and partial scholarships, before expanding operation to other areas like visa assistance and ticketing.

Samuel Kwame Boadu believes lots of people are unable to find the educational opportunities available to them but it could be made much easier.

“People do not understand that online education is the future and it is closer than we think; we intend to enlighten them and help schools better understand their operations,” he noted.

The SamBoad Travel & Educational Consult, subsidiary of SamBoad Business Group Limited, he added, wants to combat fraudulent activities of “agents” who charge students outrageous fees under the pretext of placing them in educational institutions abroad.

Notable among his educational interventions is an agreement with UNICAF that helps offer 70% to 80% scholarship for people who want to study bachelors, masters & PHD programs.

He also instituted the historic 80% scholarship project in 2019 for students through his social media platform giving over 70 students scholarship through Unicaf Scholarship to help them study online whiles working.

His company, as part of several other commitments, hosts short term seminars and professional development courses for aspiring entrepreneurs and corporate organizations in different cities in the country.

Samuel Kwame Boadu concluded by quoting an American author and entrepreneur, Brian Koslow: “If you nurture your mind, body and spirit, your time will expand. You will gain a new perspective that will allow you to accomplish much more.”

Samuel Kwame Boadu per comments, recommendations from applicants is one of the best Student Advisors and Students Consultant in Ghana doing the most for the working class who want to further their education online without quitting their jobs.

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Personal Website 

Media Contact – Click Here

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