5 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Galina Antonova’s Brains and Beauty Podcast

Podcasts are more popular now than ever. So, it is no wonder that social media sensation Galina Antonova is the host of her very own podcast… the Brains and Beauty Podcast.

Galina Antonova is a Russian born, Los Angeles living model, social media influencer and podcast host. With a degree and background in accounting, Galina has carefully curated a career for herself as a podcast host that primarily gives lifestyle advice to her listeners. With guests including Maxim cover girl Amanda Lauren, dating coach Jerod Zavistoski and Laura Coones, Galina certainly offers hours of addictive entertainment. In the wake of her huge success, we list our top 5 reasons why her podcast will make great additions to your life…

1. You Learn A LOT

Each podcast has a topic or theme. From dating advice to staying in shape to mental health support. Galina covers topics that are applicable to most listeners of all ages.

2. They Are Inspiring and Truth-Telling

Unlike audiobooks, in which an author narrates a story, podcast episodes generally consist of conversations between two or more individuals. That back-and-forth between Galina and her guest has a lot of advantages over the typical one-person narration found in books on tape.

A conversation often feels more natural then someone telling you a story. You get to hear Galina and her guest bounce off each other and build off of what the other said.

3. Interesting Guests

Galina’s Podcasts aren’t only good entertainment, but also great education. The time you’d normally spend doing those mindless chores or exercising can be used to help you prepare for the next phase of your career. She has had some great guests on including Maxim cover girl Amanda Lauren, dating coach Jerod Zavistoski and fitness expert Laura Coones.

4. You Can Listen To It Anywhere

Perhaps best of all, you’re able to tune in and out of Galina’s podcast and pick up where you left off. Whereas with an audiobook you can easily become lost if you lose your focus even for a minute, a podcast episode gives you a lot of chances to jump back into the fold.

5. It’s Free!

You can get hundreds of hours of entertainment provided by Galina for free!

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