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5 web series to watch in case you’re Kota Factory fans and hanging tight for Season 2



Season 1 of the 2019 Hindi-language web series, Kota Factory, had a catching snare over scores of understudies in India for the inside and out and well-suited story it described of theirs. Since the Season 1 delivery a year prior, Season 2 of Kota Factory has been generally anticipated. After a significant delay, Netflix India delivered the trailer and delivery date of Kota Factory 2.

Composing ” Ab milenge life ke saare question ke answers”, Netflix India reported that Kota Factory Season 2 will deliver on 24 September 2021.

The trailer traces of no limit to the hardships of Vibhav, Balamukund, and Uday at the instructing focus. To add to all that is as of now turning out badly in their lives, the understudies are educated that their Physics educator, Jeetu Bhaiya, will presently don’t be related with the training community.

Since you have three weeks of stand by time, until 24 September, here are 5 other web series to watch on the off chance that you have adored Kota Factory.

1 TVF Pitchers

TVF Pitchers is a 2015 Hindi language web series that spins around four working experts. Naveen Bansal, Jitendra, Yogendra, and Saurabh Mandal, try to foster their own startup. The plot is a portrayal of the life and difficulties of a yearning business visionary. The main season’s five (all) scenes are accessible to transfer on YouTube. Post its delivery, the show was vigorously contrasted with the American TV show, Silicon Valley.

2 Panchayat

Panchayat is a parody show that portrays the existence of a designing understudy who winds up working for a panchayat since he can’t get a new line of work of his type. To keep it unique, this web series was shot in a genuine panchayat in Madhya Pradesh. The web series won four honors, under the Comedy Series class, at the debut function of the Filmfare OTT Awards. Also, its author Chandan Kumar was assigned for Best Original Story, Screenplay, and Dialogs grants individually.

3 Laakhon Mein Ek (Season 1 and 2)

Laakhon Me Ek, which means one out of many, is a portrayal of a singular battling the chances to carry on with an existence of energy and satisfaction. Two seasons have been delivered and every one of the scenes are accessible to transfer on Amazon Prime Video. Season 1 portrays a youthful teen needing to seek after his energy for making mimicry recordings. Yet, his dad drives him into a training school to get into the Iit’s. Season 2 rotates around a the specialist framework, and the public authority, to guarantee sufficient medical services in her town. This is one of the web series to watch in the event that you cherished Kota Factory.

4 Aspirants

Applicants is a 2021 Hindi language transitioning web series delivered by The Viral Fever. The show is a portrayal of the over a significant time span of three companions who try to break the UPSC assessments. While the past in the series discusses their battles to break the assessment in Old Rajinder Nagar, Delhi, the current discussions about the truth of life outside of the Rajinder Nagar as grown-ups. Every one of the scenes are accessible to transfer on the TVF YouTube channel.

5 Operation MBBS

This is for the people who cherished watching Sanjivani. Dice Media’s clinical dramatization Operation MBBS brings back the show in a specialist’s life, particularly during their school days. It recounts the tale of three first-year MBBS understudies, from assorted foundations, who have their own explanations behind seeking after MBBS. The series is a without a doubt portrayal of naughtiness, aspiration and tension, and top to bottom functional openness to clinical instruction.


Hardwork Is The Key Behind The Success Of Music Producer, Non Native



If there is one golden rule to success then that has to be hard work. It wasn’t any different for Non Native. The music producer is getting accolades for his musical choices. But few know that these choices have a deep root.

Early in his career, he had to really strive and work hard to learn. For anyone associated with music it is extremely necessary to get the grammar right. He learnt the grammar of music by working with different musicians at different stages in his life.

This 21 year old music producer is highly adaptable and is a fast learner. His ability to adapt helped him get comfortable with various genres. Today he is excited with all different genres of music and this has helped him make varied choices.

Non Native’s career graph has been a learning curve. This goes on to prove that updates are extremely important for anyone’s professional growth. Flexibility is also one of the qualities that one can learn from Non Native.

Although he is popular with his musical partner Bordeaux. But his collaborations aren’t limited to Bordeaux and in fact his most popular collaboration has been with Grammy winner H.E.R. ‘s Debut album.

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‘Love Me Lex’: Help rejuvenate another eccentric web series



A group of nearby creatives is preparing to rejuvenate another screen project.

Love Me Lex is a 8 section web-series, with every scene being around 7 minutes, and it’s set to be shot here in Perth. It’s the tale of a lady in her 40s who is bouncing once more into the dating pool and searching for adoration.

To raise assets for the series the group have dispatched a crowdfunding effort, and there’s only a couple of days left for individuals to show their help.

Maker Sanja Katich imparted to OUTinPerth what propelled her to compose the undertaking.

“I was motivated to compose Love Me Lex as I am energetic with regards to eccentric portrayal on screen, yet additionally on the grounds that I believe have strange individuals recounting eccentric stories. Such countless strange stories are told by individuals who don’t have the lived insight of what our identity is and how we carry on with our lives.

“Something else is that there is so little portrayal of ladies in the 45+ age section in lesbian screen. Such countless stories address youngsters coming out, twenty-something party young ladies, or ladies in their 70s coming out following 50 years of a mysterious love. These accounts are additionally so vital and address issues and stories that are genuine locally, yet single moderately aged ladies are generally minimized, or not present by any means.

“I needed to make a show that could resound with a Queer crowd as a rule, yet particularly with a so regularly prohibited segment from Lesbian screen content.” Katitch said.

It’s hard when you’ve passed that enchanted ‘Life Begins at 40’ mark and you’ve concluded that it’s an ideal opportunity to discover your individual. Dating is difficult enough for Millennials and Gen Zs, however for the more ‘developed’ among us – best of luck! Include the additional layer of being a lesbian, and the dating ‘pool’ psychologists to a greater degree a puddle! Follow Lex’s experiences as she staggers, falls, gets herself – and rehashes everything – in her journey to track down her One.

We need to make this web-series on the grounds that there’s not a great deal of portrayal of ladies in this age bunch on our screens – solid female characters and female driven stories, made by female authors, makers, chiefs and entertainers. These accounts are rare and we need to address that and right this wrong!

‘Love Me Lex’ is a 8 section web-series, with every scene being around 7 minutes. To make a series like this happen we need cash! What’s more, we would adore on the off chance that you could offer whatever you feel alright with to assist us with making our amusing, heartfelt, sensational and particular show.

Our inventive group are generally local people to Perth Western Australia, just like the cast and team, and we’ll shoot in and around Perth. ‘Love Me Lex’ will have an extremely ‘Australian feel’ to it – you’ll experience the glow of the Perth daylight in every single scene!

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Here’s how Rumour got inspired to become a world-recognized musician today



There is no doubt that “School of Rock” is a great movie and is even considered to be a legendary one by quite some people. However, to think that it has inspired someone to make music their passion and afterwards- their entire career is truly astounding. The person in question is Rumour, a multi-instrumental, multi-talented musician from Maryland.

Rumour was born on the 16th of November in the year 1993 in Brandywine, Maryland. He went to a Catholic School called St John’s. Although music wasn’t a necessary part of their curriculum Rumour would find himself surrounded by it in every area of his life. Soon he learnt to play the guitar, the piano and even the drums. Singing along with these instruments didn’t come much longer after that. Apart from the movie mentioned above, another old memory that shaped Rumour and his love for music today is a special day he spent with his stepfather.  “I can remember going to a music store with my stepdad and purchasing my first studio where I would make rap songs with my friends for fun. But then I started taking music more seriously and writing songs I would record myself singing and would practice over and over and I am still to this day recording writing and practising.”, Rumour adds.

Another name that strikes out in Rumour’s career graph and is responsible for his present success, is Aliem Jumpp, Rumour’s first manager and mentor. He was the one who taught Rumour everything he needed to know about being in the music industry. Rumour, like many other newbie artists, was under the impression that one could do well just by creating good music. However, this is far from the truth and rising to the spotlight takes a fair bit of marketing and business skills. With his experience in the industry, Aliem Jumpp did Rumour a great favour for which Rumour is forever indebted.

Now that he is in a position of influence himself, Rumour speaks out to all other rising artists who might be unsure of whether or not they are talented enough to create a niche for themselves in the music world. According to Rumour, it was his passion to create music that in itself motivated him to stay in the game even after several ups and downs. “My dream is to be an amazing father and husband and never stop creating music”, he says when asked about future plans.

Stay tuned for Rumour’s future releases and follow him on the streaming platforms linked below:



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