Bay Area Movers: The Full Moving Service

Bay Area Movers is a moving company that offers full service moving. From estimating the client’s request to moving and arranging furniture into the new place, they got it all covered. They offer all the client needs to know in their website along with an easy form to fill out so the clients can get a proper quote for the services they require.

Bay Area Movers have a wide range of services that clients can get. First off the list is de-cluttering and hauling of any unwanted items before packing. Professional will also help in carefully transporting large and valuable items such as pianos, safes and antiques so they stay in their condition after moving from another place.

Whether a client needs to move to another home or office, they will be willing to assist in every step of the way. When it comes to renovations or re-models of a house or an office, they also provide services to temporarily move belongings to that place.

Bay Area Movers provide inventory checklist to clients so that everything is recorded. There will be no misplaced or lost item in their care. They will also provide a tracking system especially with inter-state transfers so that clients can track their belongings even from their phone. This helps the clients to be at ease especially if the items will take some time to get to the new place. With all of these offers, the company has reasonable prices for each service they offer whether it may be a local or an international move. Also, once a quote is given, they assure clients that the price they set will not change in any way. This secures the client and also the company for a reliable transaction.

With a family – owned business like this, clients are ensured that their belongings are safely handled. Each client is handled personally so that each service is done to the client’s liking and needs. Each detail is carefully put into attention so that there are no set-backs and other problems encountered while moving and arriving to the destination.

Not just an ordinary moving company, the Bay Area Movers aim for quality work. They aim to make a client’s moving experience a good one. They know exactly what to do and use equipments that will help the moving easier and hassle – free. With this, clients will not have to worry about damages.