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Chewbacca Actor Peter Mayhew Has Died At 74



Peter Mayhew, the man who played the Star Wars actor Chewbacca, has died the age of 74, his family says.

Mayhew died in his north Texas home surrounded by family, as per the statement.

They didn’t affirm his illness yet TMZ reported his death was because of a heart condition.

The London-born actor played Chewbacca in Star Wars (1977), The Empire Strikes Back (1980), Return Of The Jedi (1983), Revenge Of The Sith (2005) and The Force Awakens (2015).

He had been working at a London hospital when he was cast in the part that would make him well known – director George Lucas had been searching for somebody taller than Darth Vadar (who was 6ft 6in). Mayhew stood 7ft 3in.

Mayhew did not give the voice to the Wookiee but rather he was credited for the body language and expressions that made the hairy alien a fan favourite.

“He put his heart and soul into the role of Chewbacca and it showed in every frame of the films from his knock kneed running, firing his bowcaster (a weapon in the films) from the hip, his bright blue eyes, down to each subtle movement of his head and mouth,” his family said.

“But to him, the Star Wars family meant so much more to him than a role in a film.

“The relationships that began then grew into the friends and family that he would love for decades to come.

“As the films released and became more well-known, he had his eyes opened to the possibilities of what he could achieve with his role in the Star Wars universe.”

These potential outcomes included work with various philanthropies and associations – Wounded Warriors, Make A Wish and the 501st Legion.

He likewise settled the Peter Mayhew Foundation which underpins a wide scope of requirements – from families in emergency to food supplies for kids in Venezuela.

Mayhew was brought into the world with a condition called gigantism and had double knee-replacement surgery in 2013. He spent much of of his later years in a wheelchair.

He turned into a US resident in 2005 and is made due by his wife Angie and three children.

Angie will take control of his foundation, where his “kindness, generosity and care will live on”, the family said.

Imprint Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films, portrayed Mayhew as the “gentlest of giants”.

On social media, he added: “A big man with an even bigger heart who never failed to make me smile and a loyal friend who I loved dearly – I’m grateful for the memories we shared and I’m a better man for just having known him. Thanks Pete.”

A memorial service with friends and family will be held on 29 June and there will be a public memorial in early December in Los Angeles.

Matthew Ronald grew up in Chicago. His mother is a preschool teacher, and his father is a cartoonist. After high school Matthew attended college where he majored in early-childhood education and child psychology. After college he worked with special needs children in schools. He then decided to go into publishing, before becoming a writer himself, something he always had an interest in. More than that, he published number of news articles as a freelance author on

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Dil Bekaraar initial imprint : Disney Plus Hotstar series remains consistent with its original material



Subsequent to watching the initial two scenes, Dil Bekaraar feels like a fair emphasis of Those Pricey Thakur Girls that is connecting enough to make you continue on to the following scene.

In commonplace 80s pattern, the current opens with a past business of Bajaj and you’re quickly moved to the time of revolving phones and television data that truly made a difference. With gentle sepia tones and a persistent torrent of 70s and 80s Hindi music inside the foundation, Dil Bekaraar doesn’t permit you to disregard that it is a stretch piece. In the essential two scenes, you’re dispatched to the Thakurs who know basically two techniques for life for their little girls – get hitched or get working.

Those Pricey Thakur Girls by Anuja Chauhan is one of those books that fits a show without issues. The characters, the setting, the medium – when you originally read it, you realize this could be a film or a show. So it’s no big surprise the famous novel has one more form on screen, and this time it’s as a web series named Dil Bekaraar on Disney Plus Hotstar. Set during the 1980s, in Lutyens’ Delhi, the show focuses on Debjani Thakur (Sahher Bambba) and Dylan Shekhawat (Akshay Oberoi) as they fall head over heels for their meddling family members who gaze at them anxiously.

Whenever Debjani gets an opportunity to turn into a newsreader for a TV station, she coincidentally finds moment notoriety and tracks down an admirer in the neighbor’s child Dylan, who fills in as a columnist. Their will they-will not they science is lovable and is one of the primary reasons you stay with the show. Medha Shankar’s Eeshwari eases up the screen here. While she isn’t very 80s, her casual disposition joined with her solid screen presence causes her to appear to be a promising entertainer.

The expansion of old Hindi tunes to pretty much every Debjani-Dylan scene appears to be a distortion. The show is set in Delhi, yet beside the palatial home of the Thakurs, you don’t actually see Delhi in their qualities, which is very weird for a Habib Faisal project. His past works: Do Dooni Chaar (chief, essayist), Band Baaja Baarat (author) are saturated with neighborhood Delhi culture, however here, assuming that you take away the relaxed notices of Delhi areas of interest, Dil Bekaraar feels like he could be found anyplace. place. .

In expressions of narrating, it’s as immediate in light of the fact that it might actually be. There are various political undercurrents to its discoursed anyway they’re just adequate to make you wonder that the world hasn’t changed a great deal inside the last 40 years.

The most awesome aspect of those Pricey Thakur Girls was their straightforwardness and that simplicity appears to have continued to the show also.

Dil Bekaraar is communicating on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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A young and talented singer Rohit Bag from the city Kolkata



Rohit Bag is a musician who has released his four new songs this year and which became quite famous as soon as it was released. 22-year-old Rohit Bag is an entrepreneur and photographer as well as a musician. He was born on 18 July 1999 in Kanpur and after birth he and his family shifted to Kolkata. Rohit’s father Lt. Tarapara Bagh was a pharmaceutical chemist and his mother Rupali Bhag is a housewife.

From childhood, Rohit was very fond of music. He has learned music for 7 years in Kolkata. Rohit has released his four new songs this year, namely Jerry Tune, Jupiter, Cyclotron, Shades and he is going to release some of his new and best songs in the coming year as well. People have liked Rohit’s songs very much and they want to hear more Rohit’s songs.

Rohit has completed his studies from Calcutta University and he has done BCA and along with that he has also done a digital marketing course. Rohit had decided in a very young age that he had to grow up to be a musician. And he started preparing for it from class 4. He started learning music from class 4.

Rohit is a very responsible boy. After his father left, Rohit took the responsibility of his home and his mother on his shoulders. Along with studies, he also started working. He used to give tuitions to young children from which he used to complete his studies. But even after so many difficulties, Rohit did not leave the side of music and always remained with music. Today it is the result of his hard work that people know Rohit Bhag, likes his songs and his mother has a big contribution in his hard work. Rohit has grown a lot at a young age.

Time is very important in Rohit’s life. Rohit believes that if we do not do it with time, then time will not respect us. Rohit follows discipline and punctuality a lot in his life. He say that if any person wants to be successful in life, then it is very important to stay in their time and discipline. It is these two things of life that contribute the most in making us successful.

Music is Rohit’s life and apart from this, Rohit is very fond of traveling, photography and reading. In his spare time, he tries to figure out how he can further polish and improve his skills. In the coming few days, Rohit Bhag will emerge as one of the biggest artist of our music industry.

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Ceara Cavilieri Hopes Her New Single Will Help People Realize Their Self-Worth



Electro-pop artist Ceara Cavalieri gives the middle finger to all the fakes in her fiery new single “Damn.” The Californian is a UCLA graduate with a degree in psychology and is no stranger to observing the weird and wonderful behaviors of the human race. Despite her deep understanding of how our brain works, she still fell victim to the games of an ex-lover. “Damn” takes a departure from Cavalieri’s back catalogue, which often touched on lasting love, coming of age and self-empowerment, but we’re loving this new vulnerable side of the artist.

With an impressive falsetto, her soulful and sultry tones narrate her own experiences with a guy who completely pulled the wool over her eyes. “You had me wrapped around your finger until I finally ran away” she sings, a determination not to fall for the same mistakes twice.

Dancing inside a candlelit church, religious themes run throughout both the song and video, with Cavalieri singing, “I’ve been spending time at church, praying that I won’t get hurt” and “loving you is such a sin.” The 24 year-old musician brings a fun and lighthearted feel to one of the most annoying human traits – deception. Through colorful synths and soaring soundscapes, “Damn” makes you forget about all your worries. Cavalieri shares, “I wrote this song about a guy that I was dating who turned out to be a complete narcissist and con artist. He thought he was the best thing ever, and that he could get away with anything, including lying to me and cheating.”

“Damn” is a relatable anthem for our generation and will show you your worth. So turn it up loud and remember whose boss.

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