Film Director Alois Nashali To Dedicate His New Film Project To George Floyd

The Canadian-based film directorAlois Nashali has taken to instagram recently to announce the coming of his new film project which looks set to be released early this fall.

Alois Nashali teased on his instagram live how he plans to dedicate his upcoming film project to George Floyd and the whole Black Lives Matter movement.

George Floyd was a black man who was recently killed unarmed on May 25, 2020 under the custody of the Minneapolis Police Department, sparking worldwide protests. The movement aims to bring justice, freedom, and healing to the Black people around the globe.

Alois Nashali announced he will dedicate his film to Floyd and all the other Black individuals who have been killed, seen or unseen, because of their skin color.

Speaking to us via a phone interview Alois said The film will address racism and will potentially be campaigning for the Black lives, highlighting the injustices the community has faced over the years.

“Sometimes it might just be something as little as being unaware of something but again it doesn’t take much of your time to learn something as positive as this”. Alois told our editor “at the same time enough is enough people need to start considering these issues we are facing as global calamities”.

The announcement comes after the award-winning cinematographer recovered from Covid-19.where He was among the first Ottawa’s residents to be diagnosed with the virus. The incident was used by the media to enlighten the youth on the gravity of the disease and the importance of adhering to all outlined WHO measures, preventing community transmission.

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