KHEM Shows How Dedicated He Is To His Craft With His Latest

KHEM is a Toronto local and one of the most versatile rappers from his city to date. Following 6UP Music releases like D Color Diamonds and DarkTrap, KHEM’S relentless wave continues with the exceptional new project 25 To Life. The lead single from the drop is “Brand New,” which features assistance from well-known rapper/artist Tory Lanez, which has been burning up dancefloors throughout the year. Said the artist himself:

25 To Life is my best, most versatile body of work to date. This music is a life sentence. I am 25 years old right now and I am going to do this for the rest of my life. There are other producers on the album but Naijabwoi brought the fire and he’s my main guy for this one.“

Executive produced by Anthony Webb and Kevin Groutsche, the 13-track 25 To Life contains beautifully addictive songs that bring freshness and creativity that’s missing from the current Hip-Hop and Trap music scene. Check it out here.