Loud and full of angst, LESS LOVE throws it’s new single “Snow White Trash (Trump’s Americans)” at the world

If you like power-intensive noise rock then the new single by the Oklahoma-based band LESS LOVE will satiate your hunger. With no soft intro, the song goes straight into guitar hooks and powerful drumming that incorporates both the punk rock and guitar-god styles of the seventies.

LESS LOVE is a band known in the past for pretty harmonies. Traditionally a five-piece in which all members sang, they are now narrowed down to one vocalist.

After the other four members left the band rhythm guitarist Sky Mac was left alone to take the mic. Embracing the assistance of producer Mike Rodriguez the two set out to recreate a new sound for this already well-established band. The first look at the fruits of their labor is the new single Snow White Trash.

After a four year hiatus, LESS LOVE prepares to release their third full-length album. The project is titled Everybody’s Somebody’s Satan. It is due to come out on December 15th of this year. If the first single from the album is any indication, this record should be well worth considering.