Manu Dhaumya putting some colour through his art festival

Manu Dhaumya’s organisation, UNITED AGAINST BULLIES are organizing an online art festival called Reading Art Festival.

It’s mainly on social media and has attracted a lot of attention.

It’s an entertaining way of promoting art through this endeavor and a nice getaway for kids who are stuck behind closed doors due to Corona Virus. It’s just a fun initiative for young kids to draw something related to anti-bullying.

The cause is promoting this art initiative with the kids mental well-being kept in mind. At these difficult times when people are stuck in their homes, I’m sure using a bit of paint and brush will keep the kids amused and give them something fun to look forward to.

At this time, kids may feel bored, frustrated or lonely. They may also feel low, worried or anxious.

This art event is a very engaging way to keep their young minds active.
Manu Dhaumya normally organizes sports events for kids to raise awareness about his anti-bullying organisation.

A nice initiative during these uncertain times from him.

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