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Week after week proposals from Pop Culture Happy Hour hosts and visitors

This week was the one when Squid Game continued to destroy the web. It was the week when Oscar forecasts began showing up in more places. What’s more, it was the week when we realized there would be more Agatha — and indeed, you can begin singing her tune now.

The following are two pieces from old buddies of PCHH that I can suggest this week: Eric Deggans, TV pundit, who has for some time been a Dave Chappelle fan, deals with his new unique. Also, Chris Klimek, who carries the sort of care to his thought of enormous establishments that they frequently aren’t managed, thinks about James Bond. – Linda HolmesWhat to observe

Midnight Mass, Netflix

Netflix’s Midnight Mass is a truly fascinating show. I was intending to eagerly say it’s fulfilling me, however I do need to add a reference bullet dependent on the latest relevant point of interest. I believe it’s fulfilling me now. I will say I’ve truly delighted in Mike Flanagan’s different shows that he’s accomplished for Netflix. He did The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor. By and by, he has an incredible cast, a sort of gradual process, dreadful story. I have been truly into it. Albeit, in the last scene I watched, I ended up going, “Am I is into where this is by all accounts going?” But all things considered, it is convincing. It is fascinating. Furthermore, in a period where there are such countless alternatives and not everything in every case really pulls my consideration, it has basically been doing that.


The new French blood and gore flick Titane. I’ve seen this twice. I saw it at the New York Film Festival and again when it went to theaters. I don’t have the foggiest idea how long it will be in theaters since it’s so unusual. I can’t actually say a ton regarding it. A vehicle is involved. Some savagery is involved. It’s extraordinary. I love it. Individuals are extremely blended on it. I will say, be cautioned in light of the fact that it is extremely fierce, yet that is the thing that’s satisfying me. — Jourdain Searles

Dimension 20, YouTube

I’ve discussed Critical Role previously. It’s a web series where a lot of voice entertainers play Dungeons and Dragons. They’re on a break at the present time, outfitting to begin another mission in October. So up to that point I’ve been glancing near and what I found is Dimension 20. It’s another web series. The thing that matters is that the players and the Dungeon Master, who is generally a person named Brennan Lee Mulligan, are sketch and comedy joke artists. While the people at Critical Role are frequently extremely interesting, they’re entertainers. Their hearts lie in building and truly submitting and making these characters. At Dimension 20, on the off chance that they can go for a joke, they will go for the joke, and that may arrange nearer to my reasonableness. Mulligan is a decent DM and he has so many comedy abilities. He’s such a nearby and responsive audience that regardless the players toss at him, he can generally make due, without breaking the game. Furthermore, that is an extremely uncommon expertise, so it’s dynamite stuff.

What to pay attention to

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: A Novel, Audible

Quentin Tarantino’s novelization of his own Once Upon a Time in Hollywood screenplay is really extraordinary. The unedited discernible form, as perused by Jennifer Jason Leigh, is far and away superior. You should get yourself J.J’s. Al Pacino. I don’t figure I could very consider it an impression, however her presentation as Martin, the person who gets Leo into Italian cattle rustler motion pictures, is truly something. Likewise, in case you are one of the many individuals who delighted in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood for more than two hours and afterward were mooched out by the exceptionally vicious end, the way that Tarantino rebuilds his own account for exposition may be a cheerful astonishment for you. It closes on a suddenly warm note that in any case feels totally acquired. It doesn’t feel like a double-crossing of his tasteful or of this story.


Striking the right chord in the hearts of the audiences is an aspiring music artist, DJ Jerome G



Spearheading into the music niches with his talent, skills, and expertise is an ace DJ, Jerome G.

The music industry as an sector, niche, and domain has seen tremendous developments over the last couple of decades. The growth rate at which new forms and genres of music has been gaining momentum among masses have been humongous. New singers, composers, song writers, producers, DJ’s now have become favorites for many millions. Also with greater demand for music coming from emerging and developed markets, it has now become an mandate and imperative for the next gen music professionals to be on the top of their toes and deliver mesmerizing music. We came across one such emerging music professional and DJ of the current generation producing back-to-back colossal hits, DJ Jerome G.

DJ Jerome G was highly inclined towards the art and craft of music making since childhood and always wanted to pursue his career and profession in the music world. He hustled hard in his early stages of life to learn in depth about music and DJ’ing and today he has emerged as one of the finest talents that we have witnessed over some period of time. With an objective of providing an unique and different listening experience for all of his fan and followers, DJ Jerome G has put in the hard work to create a special place and name for himself in the hearts of the audience. His in-depth knowledge about the music subject, understanding of sound, and rhythms has catapulted him to create a massive fan following for himself.

Some of his tracks which have been blockbuster hits includes the names of No Regret, Right Foot, Left Foot, Flutty and Chad 2.0. DJ Jerome G has been working on many exciting new projects which are due to release soon. Even the audiences are eagerly waiting for the same.

Do listen to his songs on Spotify

and also follow him on Instagram @mistergotthier.

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Miami-based Hip-Hop artist, Pilly Mae has recently released her first EP ” MAE Day”



Miami-based Hip-Hop artist, Pilly Mae, captures the best of the hip-hop culture through her captivating blend of modern hip-hop combined with flares of R&B and rap. Influenced by Doja Cat, Pilly Mae dives into deep hip-hop paying close attention to themes of empowerment and self-acceptance. By staying in-tune with the culture and ambiance, Pilly Mae is able to touch thousands through self-discovering journeys and purpose. Through her music, Pilly Mae aims for her listeners, both men and women alike, to become confident in themselves with a guiltless journey.

Honing into her sound at a young age, Pilly Mae naturally separated herself from other similar artists by emerging as an idiosyncratic talent mastering how to both rap and sing. Jumpstarting her career, Pilly Mae landed her first management deal with Roc Nation. Soon after, she traveled to the east coast becoming well-known for her live chemistry. Performing for thousands, Pilly Mae has performed at notable events including Litfest in 2018, SXSW, Coachella, and Rolling Loud.. During these events, she opened for major artists: Yo Gotti, Smoke Purp, Blockboy JB, Tekashi 69. Pilly Mae has also collaborated with upcoming and mainstream artists including Luke Nasty on his song “Sex Appeal” and starred in YFN Lucci’s music video “Rolled On”.

Pilly Mae has recently released her first EP ” MAE Day”. The EP has a total of 10 tracks all in perfect ordering touching on topics of love, hustle and daily grind of being a female. Through her EP , Pilly Mae emphasizes that singleness is nothing to be ashamed of and individuals should be highly selective, never settling for anything less than their standards. True self-love begins with your standards and who and what you entertain with your time, love, and energy.

Planning for the future, Pilly Mae will branch into fashion, brand-partnerships, beauty, and charity work for animals and less fortunate children.

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Belaire Biajee – A Hip-Hop artist is a rising star within the South Florida community, standing out for his unique flare



A Hip-Hop artist is a rising star within the South Florida community, standing out for his unique flare incorporating pop elements into his inspirational freestyle. Always used to putting on instrumentals and free styling,

Belaire Biajee fell in love with his craft. Inspired by his older sister who introduced him to free styling, Belaire Biajee wanted to be right behind her so they could shine together.

Belaire Biajee has introduced his music across the South Florida community by having hosted and performed at multiple house and mansion parties and multiple venues including bars and local clubs.

Influenced by Juice WRLD, XXXTENTACION, Lil Peep and Speaker Knockerz, Belaire Biajee isn’t just inspired by their sound but also each artist’s journey. The artist’s life journey is what inspires Belaire Biajee to become the influencer he is today and make relatable music for his listeners.

Belaire Biajee has collaborated with artists including
Lil Wayne, Tory Lanez, Zoey Dollaz,and numerous artists like himself.

Belaire Biajee makes music every listener can relate to whether the song features stories of love or everyday life. Through his music,
Belaire Biajee aims for his audience to feel love, acceptance and support when going through difficult situations in life. In his upcoming release featuring Tory Lanez, Belaire Biajee showcases the theme that anything is possible by understanding your capabilities.
Belaire Biajee is also preparing for his next release of his music video and single titled
“Heartbreak Horrors”.

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