Angel Milan Beats Might Be Our Generations R&B Savior

Some artists and producers out there are able to defy all expectations and make music in innovative ways that blur the lines between genre definitions, creative ideas and concepts. This is the case of Angel Milan Beats.

Can this producer become the savior that the current R&B scene needs right now? Angel has got what it takes to revitalize the genre, as he always impresses the audience with his innovative combination of great melodies and uplifting energy.

His most recent studio effort is a mixtape titled Butter, created with artist Surauchie. This project is a sign of growth, passion and dedication, and it really highlights Angel’s ability to seamlessly blur the lines between different styles and create music that is much more than plain entertainment! Butter has a great production, which really suits the project and highlights all of the perks of the mixtape’s simple, yet effective arrangement.

The beat is powerful, yet effective, serving the melodic elements of the music, while allowing the vocals to shine. On top of it all, the vocal performance is absolutely stellar, because it feels very energetic, but also emotional and edgy.

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