Everything you need to know about blogger Maddie Morrison

Maddie Morrison is a rising social media star from Wellington, New Zealand. Her Instagram page @maddie_morrison has grown exponentially in the past few months alone. Here we list everything we know about the Social Media blogger so far…

Age: 27

Born in: Wellington, New Zealand

Lives in: Auckland, New Zealand

Height: 172cm / 5.7ft

Nationality: Half English, Half Kiwi

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maddie_morrison/

Known for: Her infectious smile

High School: Queen Margaret College in Wellington, New Zealand

University: Wellington Institute of Technology

Pets: Tupac the cat & Manuka the Ragdoll/Persian Kitten

Her Favourite Movies: The Other Guys & The Time Traveler’s Wife

Her Hobbies: Eating, sleeping, exploring, exercising and socialising with her family and friends.