How 24-year old Abdel-Kader Bachr built a multi-million dollar business

In a few short years, Abdel-Kader Bachr has achieved magnitudes of success that many older people spend their entire lives chasing. Abdel-Kader is a digital marketing expert who runs his own agency, helping muti-figure companies and brands to scale their marketing efforts and gain an online presence.

Abdel-Kader’s story is anything but ordinary. Coming from an average low-income family, he was raised to believe in getting good grades and settling for the 9-5. When he got to college, he discovered digital marketing and started experimenting with it on the side. Eventually, he dropped out of university to focus on growing his business.

It was a risky move considering that he had gotten into a good university and was on his way to earning his university degree. His family thought he was nuts, but today he is incredibly better off for making that decision.

“I started my business with only one employee,” Abdel-Kader comments. “But now, I have a big team who works in my company. They are able to manage the operation of the business as a team together through hard work and dedication. Not only are they my employees, but they are also my partners. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have been able to grow the business into what it has become.”

There is no secret to Abdel-Kader’s success. Through sheer determination, persistence, and good living habits, he has been able to build a successful company and is now living the life of his dreams.

On a final note, he comments:

“ All entrepreneurs have dealt with obstacles before. It is the way you get around those obstacles that will determine your level of success. If you let the obstacles stop you, then you will fail. But if you keep going and put up a fight, you will persevere.”