Influencer feature: Rigel Gemini

Rigel Cable, also known as Rigel Gemini, has embarked on an amazing journey of curation within a few short years. As he graciously shares his adventures in the sphere of social media, it is easy to see why this influencer has over 100k followers on Instagram. Audiences are invited into his vibrant world, rich with community and travel, food and fun, music and magic. As a queer, multi-racial individual who grew up in an eco-friendly New Hampshire home and graduated from Dartmouth, Rigel’s emotional connection to his environment is engrained in how he relates to the physical world.

Rigel’s engagement as a lifestyle blogger enlightens readers to the joys of the everyday. His approach to sharing products that he personally connects with are handled in a unique fashion, always endorsing quality. In deep appreciation for craftmanship, Rigel’s zest for design, especially regarding a wardrobe of ethically-sourced materials, carves a welcoming conversation about how we can approach shopping. Thoughtful authenticity remains strongly forefront in his articles, whether it be reviews or interviews with leading stylists and performers he has met along the way. His fresh and future-forward content always has a strong heart and emphasizes what is truly important to him: purposeful living, thriving community, friendship, and our homes and loved ones.

As a result, Rigel’s husband, artist Cameron Lee, has a strong presence in his posts. Within the past year, the couple’s journey from LA to Atlanta has been keenly documented as they’ve made new roots. A Partner and Agent for ArtHouse Real Estate, Cameron adds excellent interior design to their home and AirBnb, both featured on Rigel’s blog. A new fragrance, aptly named Gemini, paves a further form of entrenupreship for this elegant (but never stuffy) influencer. Rigel’s sense, style and spirit are genuine to the delight of all.