One day in the life of the singer Marly (Almir Leka)

Many of us think that becoming a celebrity changes the lives of normal people, as standards get high and everything else loses purpose. But we have a real life example of a singer that didn’t lose his vision since day one. The 23 year old, Marly (Almir Leka), has shared with us details about how normal his daily routine remained even after he became famous. While talking to our source, Marly declared that he had decided to live a healthy life out of alcohol and drugs. His emphasis was on living a healthy life doing regular sport activites and eating healthy vegetable based meals. He suggested that even during Coronavirus spread, people should find time to exercise inside their own houses without reluctance in order to beat the stagnating lifestyle that humanity has been picking up these days due to in home isolation.

Getting back at his music career, the author of many hits such as: Sant & Marly – Ne Yo, Sant & Marly – D.M.P.L, Sant & Marly – Hola, Sant & Marly – Dalim, Devis Xherahu ft Marly – Me Pelqen Ajo , Devis Xherahu ft Marly – Per Ty Mbarova, has released a new music video collaboration with the rapper Sant (iamsantiiii) , titled ‘Sant x Marly – Casa de Papel’. In his offical instagram account (@marly.artist) the singer has officially declared the comeback of the famous hip hop duo Sant & Marly, by also declaring the rebranding of the duo’s name to ‘Sant x Marly’. He has also declared that new projects are coming soon, and while suggesting people to stay healthy he promises new surprises are on the way.


INSTAGRAM LINK: https://www.instagram.com/marly.artist/

YOUTUBE LINK: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI_EncMYQ-2WCcxYyF0IovA

SPOTIFY LINK: https://artists.spotify.com/c/artist/4HT45eva7TKZ3dx4v4fBLp/home