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BarterUnit LLC launches a Privatized Currency and Universal Basic Income (UBI) program. Will you join?



Phillip H. Perez Founder & CEO of BarterUnit LLC has developed a privatized digital currency – called the Barter Unit. The Barter Unit is designed to be the closest digital equivalent to physical cash without the excessive bureaucratic constraints. The new economic experiment is expected to combat a broken and disproportionate economy and empower the economically marginalized by creating and distributing an alternative digital currency.

Q: Phillip, do you truly believe in a Universal Basic Income program, and why do you believe in Basic Income?

A: “Well as you all know I’m an advocate for Universal Basic Income. Specifically, I’m an advocate for Universal Basic Income in the form of a privatized alternative currency or a community currency. So, why in the form of an alternative currency, you ask? Well, that’s because, when you create a privatized alternative currency independent from banks and government, (a currency that is not convertible into any government-sponsored currencies and/or any cryptocurrencies), it eliminates bureaucratic rules, regulations and formalities entirely. It’s not legal tender, and therefore not subject to legal tender rules and regulations. It’s therefore PRIVATIZED money subject to an entirely different set of mandates – democratically governed mandates.

But in general, yes, I passionately believe in Universal Basic Income and I believe that a UBI program will increase the morality and efficiency of our existing system, both politically and economically. Creating and implementing a UBI program is the essential ingredient to build a new income distribution system, one free from political complications. I’m all for an efficient and different distribution policy that is designed to indiscriminately provide basic security and enhance financial freedom for everyone.

You see, I perceive a UBI program a matter of social justice. Its fundamentally ethical, not economic. Basic Income is a human right and its concept has to be perceived as part of a progressive political and economic movement in order to enhance financial equality and ultimately create a more sustainable economy and freedom respecting system in general. That’s why I built Barter Units – a privatized, closed-loop currency system with an optional embedded Universal Basic Income program. The goal here is to help people get through hard economic times.”

Q: We understand that Barter Unit establishment is launching its very own Universal Basic Income program on August 1, 2020? Is this correct?

A: “Yes, that’s correct. It is set to launch August 1st 2020. Registration for our UBI program will be available on our website at on August 1st 2020. So, mark that date on your calendar.  

Furthermore, I’d like to add, the BarterUnit UBI program, should greatly display the scale of my ambition and radicalism for a UBI program. As a Universal Basic Income advocate, I have single-handedly developed a UBI program independent of banks and government. Its designed to provide a base for equality and solidarity. It has all the classic enlightenment values for an innovative and a new kind of progressive monetary system.

Now, most people think a UBI program is not feasible, even more so when it’s in the form of a privatized alternative currency, but I’d have to whole-heartedly disagree. It is feasible and not unduly radical, as most people would think. It’s feasible as a revolutionary strategy. Times have changed, and we now have to collectively build a new income distribution system based on a different set of principles, because the existing neo-liberal principles are simply not working and tend to marginalize us all.”

Q: What is the general feedback regarding the UBI program and the Barter Unit establishment in its entirety?

A: “Well, fortunately we have received an enormous amount of positive feedback, from all over the world. I’m truly grateful for that, because it means, that my vision and my efforts are working as intended. Not everyone agrees with me and that’s okay. There are people who characterize me and perceive me as a radical, mad, and dangerous person, and again that’s okay. However, I assure you I’m not any of those things, on the contrary, I like to think I’m the opposite. But feedback has been relatively positive for the most part. People seem to be interested and ask amazing relevant questions. Again, I’m truly grateful and thankful for that.”

How do you think your UBI program will impact the people psychologically? How do you think this will impact the workforce?

“I’m so glad you asked this question. There are many factors and variables we have to consider when answering that question. However, in general, UBI pilots in various countries have shown that people who receive basic income grants tend to feel more socially relevant and have improved mental health and mental stability. With regards to the workforce, studies have shown that UBI grants actually encourage people to work and when they do work, they’re more productive, not less productive. It also enables people to have a greater control over their time management. Not just in forms of labor, but time management to care for their families, their elders, friends, neighbors and their community in general. You see, a UBI grants enhances the ability to make individual choices, including choosing valuable forms of work, not just unstable labor choices. A UBI can provide people with a sense of occupational identity. It provides an occupational narrative to peoples lives, so in that sense, and based on those studies, its psychologically beneficial to adopt a UBI program – as it can release the energies and dynamism of individuality and creativity.”

The revolutionary BarterUnit app takes into account the interests of the people, specifically the interests of the poor and minorities and provides them opportunity to be socially relevant. It provides people and merchants economic security and freedom, while simultaneously providing participants the opportunity to be released from the shackles of the current disproportionate and rigged financial system. The BarterUnit mobile application is currently available on the Apple and GooglePlay Stores. Download it now and join the economic revolution.

Hannah Barwell is the most renowned for his short stories. She writes stories as well as news related to the technology. She wrote number of books in her five years career. And out of those books she sold around 25 books. She has more experience in online marketing and news writing. Recently she is onboard with Apsters Media as a freelance writer.


YouTube currently highlights the most replayed parts of videos to allow you to avoid the exhausting parts



YouTube will presently feature the “most replayed” portions of videos in its web player and versatile applications. The element was already accessible as an analysis for YouTube Premium endorsers however is sending off for all clients today.

You’ll have the option to recognize the most famous pieces of a video from a chart that shows up behind its advancement bar. Says YouTube: “In the event that the chart is high, that piece of the video has been replayed frequently. You can utilize the diagram to find and watch those minutes rapidly.”

Straightforward! In any case, it’s intriguing to figure how this could part the consideration of watchers — or, for sure, steer crafted by makers, giving them one more sign to recognize the exact thing watchers need to see (a part of the stage that some YouTubers say makes undesirable tension).

The organization is declaring the component as a feature of a bundle of updates — some new, some not — that basically stir to graft up longer recordings into additional reasonable and open lumps. These incorporate a better approach to circle portions of recordings that sent off last year however hadn’t officially been declared (to a greater degree toward that here), and a forthcoming test for Premium endorsers that will let clients “try to the specific second in a video that you need to watch” (however YouTube isn’t offering any more detail on how that functions at the present time). These work close by YouTube’s “sections” include, which likewise let makers break recordings into lumps.

YouTube has set up a good foundation for itself as the home of long-structure video on the web, so it’s fascinating to see the organization attempting to have its cake and eat it along these lines. Indeed, it has long-structure video nailed, however presently you can hack that video up into little, reduced down bundles, or focus on the most watchable clasps! How else is a stage to manage TikTok not too far off.

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And afterward a Pixel Watch Rumor Killed the Excitement



There were bunches of happy jokes to be had after Google declared the Pixel Watch at I/O last week, for the most part since gossipy tidbits about such a watch’s presence have carried on for quite a long time. We truly giggled a piece when it was true, since we nearly didn’t know it was truly official. It is true, incidentally.

Not long after the jokes, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to track down energy in the divulging. Google had at long last gotten it done – they were getting ready to give us a Pixel Watch, the one Wear OS watch we feel has been absent from the environment all along. The plan is right on track. Google is tying-in Fitbit for wellbeing following. It seems to be the ideal size. It’ll try and run some new form of Wear OS that sounds like it has significant enhancements. Everything arranged out of the entryway, regardless of whether we realize the little subtleties like specs or cost.

And afterward not long before the end of the week hit, the principal gossip encompassing the genuine Pixel Watch made an appearance to kill every one of the energies. The team at 9to5Google heard from sources who recommended the 2022 Pixel Watch will run a 2018 chipset from Samsung. Brother, what? Noooo.

As indicated by this report, Google is utilizing the Exynos 9110, a double center chipset first utilized by Samsung in the Galaxy Watch that appeared in 2018. The chip was large enough in the Samsung world that it additionally found its direction into the Galaxy Watch Active 2 a year after the fact and afterward the Galaxy Watch 3 one more year after that.

The Exynos 9110 was a more than skilled chip, that is without a doubt. A 10nm chip fueled Tizen and gave one of the better smartwatch encounters available. For the Galaxy Watch 3, logical thanks to the knock in RAM from Samsung, I noted in my audit that the watch ran very well and easily took care of every one of the undertakings I tossed at it. So what’s the issue?

It’s a chip from 2018, man. The most concerning issue in the Wear OS world for a large portion of the beyond 6 years has been that all gadgets ran old innovation from Qualcomm and couldn’t stay aware of the times, contenders, and headways in tech. We thought we were at last continuing on from that storyline with the send off of Samsung’s W920 chip in the Galaxy Watch 4 line last year but, we are right here.

Google is allegedly utilizing this chip on the grounds that the Pixel Watch has been in progress for quite a while and quite possibly’s attempting to change to a more current chip would have additionally set it behind. Or on the other hand perhaps Samsung isn’t in any event, able to let any other individual utilize the 5nm W920 yet. Since plainly Google hate Qualcomm chips for gadgets any longer, the 12nm Wear 4100+ was possible impossible.

The expectation, essentially for the present, is that Google has invested a lot of energy (like numerous years) figuring out ways of getting all that and afterward some out of this chip. Since I don’t remember seeing a Wear OS watch run the 9110, perhaps we’ll be in every way in for a shock. Google is very great at enhancing its gadgets with chipsets that aren’t generally top level (think Pixel 5… Pixel 6 as well), so we could see that again in the Pixel Watch.

However, i’m stressed over broad execution. Google has proactively said that Wear OS 3 brings huge changes and gave admonitions about more seasoned watches having the option to run it, even those with Qualcomm’s Wear 4100 and 4100+ chips. Google clarified that the update from Wear OS 2 for Wear OS 3 on gadgets running that chip could leave the experience affected. The Exynos 9110 is in fact a more proficient chip than those.

My other concern, as far as insight or the Pixel Watch’s storyline, is that it won’t make any difference how great Google makes it assuming they utilize the Exynos 9110. Google utilizing a 4 year-old chipset is the sort of thing that composes its own titles, and not positively. We’re as of now seeing them and the Pixel Watch is 5 months from send off.

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Netflix’s Plan to Woo Subscribers Back Looks a more Like Cable



Time is a level circle and consistently, streaming stages get increasingly close to repeating network TV. Secret phrase sharing is out, plugs are in, and there’s a brought together center point where you can consolidate every one of your memberships onto one stage.

Presently, Netflix is going another above and beyond and hoping to do it live, as first announced by Deadline.

A Netflix representative affirmed to Gizmodo that the organization is in the beginning stages of investigating a new, live streaming ability. Live streaming could be utilized for unscripted shows like contest series and unscripted television get-together episodes, or for including crowd cooperation highlights like in-show casting a ballot (think American Idol-style).

It could likewise be utilized for streaming IRL occasions like Netflix’s new “Netflix is a Joke” celebration, which you in all likelihood found out about on the grounds that Dave Chappelle was gone after while performing there.

With the new parody celebration, exhibitions were taped with plans to put them on Netflix as standard, recorded satire specials. Notwithstanding, with live gushing from here on out, Netflix might air comparative occasions in close continuous.

Netflix isn’t the main streaming stage to think about live streaming. Disney Plus did its most memorable live stream in February. Be that as it may, up until this point, there is restricted data accessible about Netflix’s impending variant.

No delivery date for the principal Netflix live stream has been reported, and the course of events for the element stays indistinct. A Netflix representative declined to answer Gizmodo’s solicitation for input on the record.

The web-based feature has hit a few tough situations as of late, with its most memorable endorser misfortune in 10 years, a relating stock drop, and cutbacks. Also, however the organization probably carried its inconveniences upon itself with poor monetary administration and an imperfect plan of action, it’s not yet get in the event that they can improve themselves in the clear with new fancy odds and ends like live streaming.

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